Celebrity Used Handbags

  1. Hello All!

    I am new to the purse forum and I've never felt so at home :smile: I wanted to get your opinion if you would or would not buy a used celebrity handbag? Why or Why Not? I'll start with myself... I would if the purse was like new and the price was reasonable.. What about you??
  2. I think it would depend on which celebrity it was from and whether or not I was buying it to use or just as a collectible. For example, someone like Mary Kate Olsen obviously has used her Bbags a lot and hasn't taken care of them very well...I might buy one as a collector's item just because I love her..but wouldn't buy it to use...on the other hand..if the purse was in great condition, then sure why not?
  3. i wouldnt. i would rather get the same bag for cheaper and in better condition because i would intend to use that bag.
  4. Me neither. No celebrity is worth paying more on a bag for. I'd rather have a new bag for cheaper. Celebrities=human=nothing special lol
  5. Only if it was a particular style so difficult to get I'd have to resort to this. Just from the celebrity bag aspect - no no :nogood:
  6. How do you know it was really owned by a celebrity? If the bag is in good condition, and the price is right, I'd say go for it. but if someone wants to charge $$$ for a worn out piece of junk just BECAUSE it was worn by a celebrity, I'm not sure I would go for that.
  7. Not for me

  8. So true! Just because some famous owned it doesn't make it better.
  9. I would not because Hollywood memorabilia is not anything I have an interest in.
  10. I have a phobia about used bags...no matter who they're used by!
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  12. Heck yeah I'll buy a used bag. As long as the celebrity didn't barf in it or anything... so I guess I might not trust Tara Reid's bag.
  13. In your original post you said if the bag was "like new" and "reasonable price"... then i say.. why not!?!

    the bag probably was just sitting around a bunch of other bags and the celebrity didn't need it anymore... if it's a good deal, i'd go for it!
  14. i'd want the pants lindsay lohan was wearing when they caught her with coke in her pockets, and i'd take anything from an olsen twin.
  15. no thanks. i like my bags new or at least unabused. i wouldn't want to pay extra for a used bag just because a 'celebrity' owned it