Celebrity TTC Success stories...

  1. It's official!
    Despite earlier denying reports that she was pregnant, Nicole Kidman finally confirmed on Monday that she is sperminated.
    The actress' publicist, Wendy Day, just released the following statement:
    "Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban confirmed today that they are expecting a baby. The couple are thrilled.”
    This is the first biological child for both Kidman and husband, Keith Urban.
    Nicole has two adopted kids with Tom Cruise….

    from http://www.perezhilton.com/

    I don't know how old Kidman is, but I have heard that TTC has been difficult for her...

    So yay for her! :yahoo:
  2. ^ For one I like this two. More sensible. Two, proves that women above 35 can still be pregnant albeit with some help. Wonder if J Lo got help too, since there were report she tried for sometime as well?
  3. I think Nicole Kidman just turned 40.
  4. I am happy for Nicole and Keith. How come she and Tom Cruise never had biological children? Anyone know?
  5. I assume J Lo did have help since she is having twins... (don't know if that is confirmed or rumored?)
  6. Because Nicole didn't want to have the devil's spawn...:roflmfao:. Kidding, kidding. But she must have gotten her soul back after they divorce... again, I kid...

    I did hear that she miscarried w/Tom's baby soon before the divorce. I wonder if that put a lot more pressure on their relationship!

  7. :roflmfao: Devil's spawn. I heard something on the radio that a rumor is floating around that L. Ron Hubbard is Suri's father. :yucky:
  8. Tabbyco you are so funny! Tom scares me...
  9. Shut up!! No way! :wtf:

  10. Ewww.:throwup: As if Tom wasn't bad enough!!

  11. I also heard that she had a m/c and an ectopic prenancy - scary! It's great that she and Keith seem to be having better luck!
  12. ^ yes I wish them much luck on their journey.

  13. I am sure that it is in no way true, you know rumors. But they said he had some frozen and they used that for Katie. What will they think of next.