Celebrity Style - the 90's

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  1. #1 Oct 20, 2012
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    I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we post pictures of celebrities from the 90's. I really like some of the fashion from the 90's. It was more simple and effortless in my opinion.

    If you don't like this idea - please delete this thread!

    I can start with some pictures of Kate Moss - the most stylish woman during the 90's in my opinion.
    johnny-depp-kate-moss-90s-style.jpg tumblr_m9a2fmJCuU1r6tqnco1_400.jpg tumblr_m9972nGsNR1r6tqnco1_500.jpg
  2. Some of Jennifer Aniston:
    HBZ-jennifer-anniston-0810-1997-PicPerf-de-6796390.jpg Jennifer-Aniston-23.jpg d1cc81491040faf79cae5839cb3c7782.jpg
  3. This is a great thread. I love it. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. ^^ Yeey! I am obsessed with the 90's :smile:
    satcgirls2.jpg VH1-VOGUE-FASHION-AWARDS-1999-jennifer-lopez-23478974-325-445.jpg victoria-march-1997-699kb121010.jpg
  5. I love it! I'll have to see what I can dig up, too!
  6. I am sorry if I am posting too many pictures :wondering Please let me know!
    kimora-lee-simmons-nyc--large-msg-129745139882.jpg heidi_klum_1999_01_28.jpg KateMoss611.jpg
  7. Some more of Kate Moss. I just love her style from back then!
    Even_Fash_Vers0010.jpg KateMoss_RonG_11916764_600.jpg wenn2455.jpg
  8. Aaliyah in Hilfiger :supacool: , Drew Barrymore and Kate Moss.
    tumblr_m1ddb4iRQh1qasg6co1_1280_large.jpg tumblr_lk50r1cbyp1qz9qooo1_r1_500_large.jpg tumblr_lt0rnoNIuM1qgjvz2o1_500_large.jpg
  9. Sarah Jessica Parker:
    001_large.jpg 005_large.jpg 009_large.jpg
  10. Definitely Princess Diana! I had a major girl crush on her. Even when she was dressed in just blue jeans and a plain white shirt she exuded style!

  11. No keep posting the pics!!! That's why you started it, yes! I love threads about fashion.
  12. Kate Moss:
    tumblr_lphwi3CmDo1qmbiswo1_500_large.jpg tumblr_lnso07N14F1qza84qo1_1280_large.jpg tumblr_llqzl9n8ie1qdcke2o1_500_large.jpg
  13. More...
    tumblr_ljt5mmhuCZ1qzc6foo1_1280_large.jpg 6a01543409ba67970c0162fc3f19cf970d-800wi.jpg r-KATE-MOSS-STREET-STYLE-large.jpg
  14. I LOVE this thread! Keep it up! I'll see what I can dig up too!