Celebrity Sizes!

  1. From my fave gossip site ONTD on Lj...

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  2. Can't imagine what being a size zero is like!!!!!!
  3. interesting... thanks for posting.
  4. It's pretty hard to imagine that Katherine Heigl is the same size as J.Lo. I also think that Catherine Zeta Jones is less than size 10.

    I've just read in the March UK Elle, that Gwen Stefani is size 6 (UK size 10).
  5. I think catherine and mandy moore are less than a 10. Also eva longoria is a 00 because she was talking about it on the view & they even talk about it on desperate housewives...
  6. This is very interesting. But I find it hard to belive that Mandy Moore is bigger than Kate Winslet. Also, I would really guess Eva Longoria to be a zero and Paris to be a two.
  7. ALOT of size has to do with height though. Two women could LOOK the same size but because of height the taller girl would naturally have larger measurments. Paris is taller so her being a bigger size (not that 4 is big LOL) doesn't surprise me. I would agree with Eva being smaller however she is my height.
  8. I think size 6-8 is the healthiest looking!
  9. wow! Thanks for posting! But really Mandy is a size 10?
  10. I like it! very interesting!
  11. Maybe that was Martha when she got out of prison. . . have you seen her now?
    She's not a 12.
    None of the other's surprise me. There's a ton of us that are a size 6 and I bet you none of us have the same measurements.
  12. Hungry?????:roflmfao:
  13. Hmm.. I am surprised that Martha Stewart is size 14. She seems smaller than that. Again, whose sizing scheme are they using? Size 10 at Gap is like size 12 at J Crew. Yeah, size 6-8 seems more reasonable, that's why I am aiming towards. :biggrin: Size 00 is just freaky! I have no idea that Bosworth is so skinny.
  14. Very interesting and I'll bet they are pretty accurate. A double 00 is a very scary size to be. They all look great, though!
  15. This article kind of makes me feel good. I keep seeing many of these women as all size 6 and below, but it's nice to see some of them are larger. Some of us are not born to be a size 4 :yes:

    People comment so much about Kelly Clarkson's weight, but she looks so lovely there.