Celebrity sightings??

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  1. Have any of you ever seen a celebrity while you were out and about? Better yet, have you ever met one?/
    I met Paul Brandt once.. it was exciting!
    A lot of you probably have never heard of him, but he is a Canadian country singer.
  2. I met Gregg Allman (from the Allman Brothers Band) at a Mexican Restaurant in Chico, CA. He was really drunk. We were waiting for a friend who was in the ladies room, and he thought we were waiting for him (he had been eating dinner at the same time we were and finished at the same time). That's the only celebrity I've met.
  3. hey this should prob be posted in the celeb section! we have some threads on this topic (kinda) already too! you can do a search and find some threads on it. but here is a link to an AWESOME thread with some tpfers with some celebs! it's a great thread, def check it out!!


    and i've met a few celebrities, mostly bands that seemed like celebs to me..no a-listers. or even b-listers lol. but i have met the all american rejects 4 times, they are pretty popular now (this was back when they first started getting big and came out with the song "swing swing")
  4. I met tons of UFC fighters like Chuck Liddell, Frank Shamrock, and Ceasar Gracie. DF owns a MMA gym so the guys swing by sometimes. In addition, I met smaller reality celebs. like Veronica from Road Rules on MTV and I got an invite to the next Play Boy Mansion party this month, BUT I HAVE WORK!! Gosh!! Guess I'll wait for the next one!!
  5. oh i met danny and melinda from the real world but i hated both of them on the show so i try not to remember haha
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    rip hamilton from the detroit pistons came into where i work this monday, but i wasn't working:crybaby:

    i've met yao ming, and an asian celebrity named Jay Chou. haha probably no one knows him here, but he's a really big singer in asia...
    and i saw barack obama a couple months ago..does he count? lol
  7. I saw Paul Giamatti walking around with his son when I was interning at the Museum of Natural History. I also saw Dave from Top Chef s1 when I was on the 7 train to Grand Central.
  8. Living in Los Angeles it is pretty common
  9. I've met The Rock and Seann William Scott. I've seen Margaret Cho, Pink and Carey Hart, Niecy Nash, and a few other people I can't remember right now.
  10. please do a search, there's couple of threads on this already:yes:
    thank you!
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