Celebrity sightings at Hermes 24 Fbg

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  1. A list of the the stars whom I have been able to see since 5 years :

    Designers :
    - Albert Elbaz (Designer of Lanvin)
    - Stefano Pilati (Designer of Yves saint Laurent)
    - Nicolas Guesquière (Designer of Balenciaga) :love:
    - Marc Jacobs
    - JP Gaultier
    - Ralph Lauren and his wife (with her Ricky bag :yucky: )
    - Not a designer but important : Carine Roitfeld (Vogue france)

    Sport :
    - Zidane :love:
    - Flavio Briatore
    - Jean Todt

    Models :
    - Naomi Campbell
    - elle Mc Pherson
    - Kate moss
    - Linda evanlegista

    Singer :
    - Madonna
    - Kylie minogue
    - Janet jackson
    - a lot of japanese singers but can't remember all names :sad:

    Actor / Actress :
    - Gong li
    - Shui qi
    - Maggie choeung
    - Sofia coppola
    - Quentin tarantino
    - Catherine deneuve
    - Isabelle adjani
    - Jet li
    - Valérie lemercier (french)

    I will completed the list, I can't remenber all the stars now :confused1: ... to be continued :nuts:
  2. do u still remember what did they get? :nuts:
  3. ^^^^^Dang, SP. I love your reaction to the Ricky bag! I'm not a fan of it either.

    All right, here's my short list of celeb sightings in NYC. Forgive me, I'm really clueless when it comes to celebs.

    Mariska Hargitay (Det. Olivia Benson from Law & Order)
    Mr. Chow (restaurateur) and his wife
    Josie Natori (fashion designer)

    ...............and some other celebs my SA has had to point out to me because I'm so clueless!:confused1:
  4. What about Oprah Winfrey? Have you seen her before at Hermes 24 Fbg?
  5. Specialist...aren't you supposed to keep that info hush hush? I mean I am glad you are sharing, but everyone I have always met had rules about speaking out on the celebrity clients they have encountered. Just wondering...
  6. Ya, what Kellybag said is true. You'll never know there might be a celeb who's a secret member of purseforum. Hush hush. Pretty much, many celebs in the world, world-famous or locally-famous have visited Hermes 24 Fbg.
  7. You're right. But it's not a really secret because these celebrities are so popular.
    But I will hush hush of course what they bought. :yes:
  8. :nuts: Zidane!!!:love:
  9. Ohhh, i love this stuff! Thanks SP!!!
  10. How fun, although I'm a little clueless about celebrities myself. I should keep my eyes open when I go there, but the Hermes items are more interesting! =)
  11. Ricky bag.........yuck!

    SP- Great sightings!!!!! I think I'd fall over myself if I ever got to see JP Gaultier! Oh!!!!
  12. Ooh! how fun! Now I can't wait to go there myself. Even just to see if I can bump into Zidane.
  13. How exciting!

    I also just googled that Ricky bag.. not for me, that's for sure!
  14. Oooohhhh, Isabelle Adjani. SP, you are so lucky. Is she just as beautiful in real life???? That's one person I would love to see in person. Forget about Charles & Camilla which I did see, no big deal.
  15. You have the best job!!!