Celebrity sighting...

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  1. Christian Bale--yesterday at a Santa Monica cafe having breakfast while giving his baby a bottle. Even with a full beard, he's still mighty cute.
  2. Wow, that's so cool. I'm from L.A. too and I used to get so worked up and excited everytime I'd see a celeb, not as much anymore but sometimes I still get butterflies. I saw Jennifer Aniston on the road once in the lane next to me driving on the 405 freeway and I almost had a heart attack. I saw the guy from "40 Year Old Virgin" a couple weeks back and I took a pic with him....it's on my myspace page under my profile pics if you wanna see....omg, he was just as dorky in person as he was in the movie....but he was a real nice guy, and funny too!!!

  3. Hey girly....thanks. I approved the request. =)
  4. Aah! I love Steve Carrell - coolness
  5. Wow ! That's so exciting, I love Christian Bale. Great actor, and doesn't come off as a snotty diva type !