Celebrity shoes!

  1. post your favorite celebrity shoe!
    how fabulous is Christian Louboutin??

  2. ^^^This is definately my fave shoe out right now. The red bottom just gives it that extra little something!
  3. I love those!! gorgeous!
  4. They are definitely gorgeous. I think Nicole Richie has the same pair in black, correct?
  5. i saw Ciarra wearing some - they are indeed fab but she couldn't really walk in them lol
  6. they are awesome! too bad they are ~1k on ebay :rant:
  7. Gorgeous shoes! I envy the person who can own and walk in them!
  8. are they that hard to walk in? i wanna try... but i don't think i can even afford a pair at retail price but they are all sold out anyways.
  9. [​IMG]
    These shoes are so cute. What are they?
  10. look like ferragamos
  11. Love those shoes...
  12. ^^ I love those too! I want a pair in black :smile:
  13. They do look similar. Thanks..
  14. jeez, those are too cute