Celebrity Shoes! Who designed....

  1. Who are these shoes by that Lindsey is wearing?? SO CUTE!
  2. I think they talked about it on gofugyourself.com
  3. They are discussed, but no designer is mentioned.... anyone????
  4. i dunt like the outfit
  5. Llo loves the media...does she look at herself in the mirror?
  6. The whole outfit is wrong, except for the shoes. I love the shoes.
  7. I think the shoes are Marc Jacobs but I could be wrong.
  8. Called the MJ store, but the shoes aren't MJ.
    Still don't know.....
    I love them!
  9. jimmy choo?
  10. don't know who the designer of those shoes are but they are a very cute pair!
  11. I love those shoes too but can't seem to find them anywhere!
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