Celebrity Secrets/Rumors

  1. I was reading about celebrities on some gossip blogs, and Ive become really fascinated with some of the stories that people have told about them.....

    So, does anyone have any insider secrets/rumors about celebrties? (for example, you used to be friends with the lead singer of some famous band and you went to one of his parties and all he did was snort coke the whole time..or something like that)

    sorry if this is weird - im just really intrigiued with what people have to say about celebrties/what they know about their lives.

    oh and you dont have to say names or anything, im not worried about who is doing what, i just am interested in WHAT they are doing...if that makes sense?
  2. this is why i loooooove blind items. they're my new goss obsession. :smile:
    best blog for blind items imho is Crazy Days and Nights
  3. I think there was a thread about "do you know a celebrity?" or something like that. Try a search. good luck! I always wonder what they are really like, too.
  4. hmm i'm only giving up secrets if i'm getting paid....just kidding!!:p
  5. Paula from American Idol is not nice to members of her family.
  6. Ohhhhhh.....so she's an angry drunk? :yes:
  7. American Idol paid off Ryan Secrest's outstanding debts.
    My friend worked at a collection agency and saw the check, lol.
  8. I don't actually know any rumors, but that doesn't mean I can't start one.

    Jamie Foxx sleeps in footie pajamas. Yellow ones, with duck feet.
  9. #4---------This actor/actress couple are both solid B listers. They have flirted with the A list in the past, especially her. What makes this relationship so unique is their very special arrangement. They are the perfect couple in front of the cameras. However, when the cameras are off, he goes on his merry way to find his man of the week with her blessing. Her joys include shopping and more shopping. Men and sex are not at the top of the list.

    (taken from Crazy Days and Nights
  10. This A list actress has a squeaky clean reputation and for the most part is well deserved. EXCEPT for the little scam she loves to play when fulfilling her shoe fetish. One thing about having children is they make a great cover story. Our actress had no fear when she had the children in tow. Pair after pair of shoes would be tried on and discarded. Too small, too big, just not right, until the salesperson would have twenty or thirty boxes of shoes out amongst our actress and her offspring. At that point she would be pleasant and ask the salesperson to just try one more pair. When the salesperson was in back, our actress would make an even bigger mess while taking three or four pairs of shoes and hiding them amongst strollers, backpacks and other baby necessities. When the salesperson would come back, our star makes an excuse about a toddler needing to eat or needing a bathroom and quickly leaving. Our star does not need the money, she just loves the thrill. Word has made the rounds among stores but no one wants to lose her business so they just keep quiet and let her play her game.

  11. Denise Richards comes to mind. Because she has three kids and she's seen with them in every paparazzi picture which would mean she takes them everywhere she goes..so wouldn't surprise me if she took them to a shoe store.
  12. I got this from E! online's Ask The Answer *****:

    According to a Cosmopolitan magazine exposée; from last year, a greedy, unnamed female TV personality recently made a *****y phone call to a cell-phone company, demanding that her temporary free service be commuted to lifetime status.
    The daytime personality had already enjoyed three years of free yapping--eating up about 3,000 minutes a month--despite the fact that the phone company, which was also unnamed, usually limits free service to three months. The star also demanded new phones--which would cost ordinary people a good $500 each--with all the grace and humility of a wolverine on crystal meth. Finally, the cell-phone company had had enough and tried to cut the star off.
    "You know what she said?" Cosmo quoted a cell-phone salesperson as saying. " 'I was promised free service for life!' "
    "I knew this couldn't possibly be true because we never promise things like that, so I got brave enough to tell her that she had to put that request in writing. She said, 'Well, I guess it's been a great ride.' "
  13. ^ Star Jones at her finest (read worst)
  14. Hmmm? I wonder who
  15. Denise Richard is def not A list...lol...I don't know if she even makes the c list these days.