Celebrity Rap Superstar on MTV

  1. Anyone else watching this? It's pretty funny watching non rappers trying to rap. It is a contest where people vote for their favorite performance. Each week one is eliminated. Here is the summery:


    The stars are literally lining up for Celebrity Rap Superstar. There's a seemingly endless supply of notables out there who want to be hip-hop superstars and are eager to show off their skills on the mic. Now MTV is going to give eight lucky celebrities hailing from the worlds of music, TV, film, sports and more a chance to compete in a thrilling winner-takes-all rap battle.

    Who will be able to bring the heat? Can blogarazzi blabbermouth Perez Hilton out rhyme rocker Sebastian Bach? Will it be Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, Laguna Beach/The Hills bad boy Jason Wahler or actress Shar Jackson who can drop mad science? Or will it be actress/singer Countess Vaughn, actor Efren Ramirez or former NFL player Jamal Anderson who proves they have what it takes to bring the noise?

    And what's in it for them? Street cred, that's what. Yup, the winner is gonna walk away with mad respect!

    Every celebrity will work on their lyrical delivery by performing classic hits and poppin' new tracks written just for them. But they won't do it alone. They'll have mentors by their sides to teach them the art of hip-hop. Who, you ask? Why, only some of the most well-known rappers of all time, including Redman, Warren G, Too Short, Bubba Sparxxx, Tone Loc, Bizarre and MC Lyte.

    Over the course of eight weeks, each celebrity will learn their verses and practice their flow with their mentors. Then, the pressure will be on as they stand in the spotlight to spit rhymes in front of a studio audience and an expert panel of judges made up of industry heavy hitters DMC (Run-DMC), rapper Da Brat and radio personality Big Boy. Will these Celebrity Rap Superstars step up to the mic with impressive skills or will they trip on their tongues and find themselves mad dissed on live TV?

    And you'll play a part in the whole thing, too, because who wins isn't up to the judges. Viewers will vote, vote, vote for their fave celebrity rapper, weighing in on who should stay and who should go! Then, based how the audience votes, there will be celebrity eliminations until the winning Celebrity Rap Superstar is crowned. It's gonna be off the hook!

    Hosted by actor/comedian Kevin Hart (The Big House, Epic Movie, Soul Plane), Celebrity Rap Superstar has a talent lineup like no other. And if eight aspiring celebrity rappers, eight established hip-hop mentors and three respected judges weren't enough reason to watch, there will be plenty of surprise guests, behind-the-scenes battles, sensational showdowns and a never-ending supply of blunders and beef.

    Any way you slice it, finding the first Celebrity Rap Superstar is gonna be one wild ride!
  2. I've seen both episodes... I love it.
    I'm rooting for Shar Jackson.
  3. I love Perez Hilton. Been a reader since 2005 and I think he's hilarious. Yeah, he's not for everyone, but he's for me!

    To me, he's the only real "celebrity" on that show. Well, him an Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, but even then, that's kinda old news in the world of entertainment.

    Everyone else are washed up has-beens. I mean, Jason from Laguna Beach?! He's a convict, not a celebrity. Shar Jackson? We only know her because of the Kfed drama. Sebastian Bach? Retire already, no one is into hair metal anymore unless we are feeling nostaglic. Kendra? Just stick to using Hef.

    It's more like "Wanna Be Celebrity" Rap Superstars.
  4. I LOVE Perez. I want him to win... he is surprisingly good.

    Shar Jackson has a lot of talent, though. She lost a lot of weight! Oh, K-Fed....
  5. I watched it last week. I can't believe how bad some of them were. I really thought Kendra would do better as she is always rapping on girls next door.
  6. im rootin for shar too, shes the best out of the bunch
  7. I caught a few minutes of this show last night...then I had to try to get some sleep. Anyway, I just got to see Sebastian Bach's performance. That was fun. He is such a rock star!!! I love that he still looks like it's the 80's and hair bands still rule the world!! I've never been a huge Skid Row fan, but I've always liked him. He has great stage presence in my opinion.....Hope I get to see him a few more times on the show.
  8. That's what I was thinking too! You can't really classify what she does on GNN is rapping though. She's very spastic. Honestly, I think she is mentally slow. I don't think her dumb blondeness is an act!

    On the other hand, I am pulling for Sebastian Bach. He is such a performer. I do think it is a bit unfair since he is used to singing on a stage so he wouldn't be as nervous as the others.
  9. HAHA that Kendra comment cracked me up :roflmfao:

    DH is rooting for Sebastian Bach too... he loves the rock moves he throws in there. haha too much.
  10. i watch the show! it's a fun and entertaining show ... I know this is sounds ridiculous but I want Efren and Perez to stay ... they make the show so fun to watch :smile:
    Efren just so funny ... and he tried so hard ...
  11. I think Efren is under the influence of something...
  12. Go Perez!!!
  13. :biggrin: lol
  14. I haven't got to see this show yet , but Sebastian Bach :love: gets my vote no matter how good or bad his performance is. :lol:
  15. Hooray, so glad Efron is gone. Jason's performance was hilarious. I don't know how Kendra has continued to stay on... hoping she goes soon. I think Perez' rap was the best though haha too funny.