celebrity pictures on ebay?

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  1. I have a RM bag that has been seen on a celebrity. I want to use her pictures in my listing? Is that Ok on ebay? I have seem many online boutique use cele. pictures.. but I am still not sure!
  2. Think it's OK to put in your listing. As long as you mention " picture of Miss X with a B bag" or some such in your listing. More than one picture of celeb is kinda cheezy, IMO, but I guess it sells bags! I mean what you really want to do is give the important details like bales, rivets, tags - back and front, buckles, etc., so they can be sure it's authentic, not whether it's cool that a celebrity carries it. Of course I am always just selling a Bbag to fuel another Bbag purchase so I may not be the best salesperson...:roflmfao:
  3. It's not supposed to be OK as it's one of the options one has when reporting a listing: unauthorized use of celebrity faces, names or signatures. But fBay doesn't remove them.
  4. Oops:nuts:
  5. :lol:
  6. I didn't know it wasn't ok. I have been using one to try to sell a Chanel.
  7. i used one of lindsay lohan to help sell a chanel soft and chain, i'm pretty sure it'd be photo theft or whatever but i've never had an auction removed.
  8. When I use a celebrity picture, I take their heads off so all you see is the body from the neck down carrying the bag.
  9. :roflmfao::wlae::roflmfao::wlae::roflmfao:
  10. I'm surprised fBay doesn't make much of an effort to pull those listings. I've never used a celebrity photo, not just kuz I haven't paid a celebrity to sell my items, but kuz the auctions that include such photos look kinda tacky to me. IDK...it turns me off when a seller tries to sell me a bag based on what some celebrity is using. I couldn't care less what Cameron Diaz or Lauren Conrad are carrying, KWIM? But that's just me :upsidedown:
  11. Well, have you given any thought to asking a celebrity to sell your items???:nuts::yahoo::yes::woohoo:
    Seriously, I don't think ONE celebrity photo is too tacky or over the top because I am guilty of doing it lately. OK.. Lindsay, Kate, Nicole, Paris, Mary Kate, et al are seen wearing B bags and people seem to love these twits.
  12. I see it all the time, although I admit as a buyer it kinda turns me off. I'm sure some would jump at it seeing xxx-xx carrying it though.
  13. Unless you actually snapped the photo of the celeb or paid the photographer for the rights to use it, you are violating their copyright....
  14. It's called copyright infringement and it's against the law! It's no different than stealing another individual's photo to use in your listing. People need to take their own photos...I would never buy anything that was showing an "ad photo" as the listing photo.

    eBay is supposed to remove these sorts of listings but they never do.....
  15. How about for online boutiques? I know there are tons of online boutique such as singer22, blueheaven... use cele's pictures to advertise their products. Do they get a special license or such to do that?