Celebrity links....

  1. Every now and again, someone will add to a post a pic of a celebrity that goes with the thread. I love them!! It's always fun to throw in a celebrity to what we are talking about. And I am amazed how fast you guys come up with these photos! I am looking for a new haircut as well as some new summer "looks" and thought it would be a good place to look.

    I looked in the Celebrity section on the forum but the only link I found was the "CELEBRITY STYLE GUIDE"

    Would you guys sharing your favorite "celebrity watch" weblinks?

    Thanks so much!!
  2. I love celebrity gossip. My favorite sites are:

    Ohnotheydidnt on LJ is the best by far for up to the minute photos
    Dana's Dirt has been pretty up to date lately. http://www.danasdirt.com/
    www.defamer.com and www.gawker.com are good for snarky stuff, but not always pictures.
  3. Thanks Jillybean!! I will check those out now!