Celebrity Ladies with Coach Daphne Satchel

  1. COACH.com had these up on their website so just thought I'd put them here, lol.
    c.JPG c1.JPG c2.JPG
  2. thanks for posting! such a cute bag, too bad about the price
  3. lol Yeah :sad:
  4. what's the retail price?
  5. Price: $698
  6. thanks..good price
  7. Love to see the celebs sporting COACH! And if you ask me, they are worth every penny considering the materials and quality.

    Kinda sick of seeing the COACH bashing.....
  8. Me too :sad: I cant help but feel like people only hate on it because its not super high end. Thats pretty conceited. If Coach did you wrong then okay I get that but some people are just jumping on the bandwagon. I know this is not always the case but I've met people like that. Not everyone can afford the really expensive bags, and anyways Coach gives you more bag for your buck, whereas people will spend $900 on some high end designer bag made out nylon or canvas and is 5" across just because of the name thats stamped on it? But they wont buy a huge leather Coach for $500 just because its Coach? C'mon.
  9. I totally agree . I think sometimes people forget what they really after :P
  10. True. I gotta admit, even I get sucked into that mind set from time to time, lol :shame:
  11. I'm LOVIN' the Daphne! I saw it in a gossip mag last week and thought it was great!!
  12. I just saw the white daphne at a coach store- the leather was beautiful. I prefer the black and white "spectator' style bag that Jessica has on the left.
  13. I've never been a huge fan of coach (except for that hampton bag). They have good leather and are well-made bags but I just think they are sooooo expensive for an "almost designer brand" :oh:

    $698 would buy me a gucci or fendi instead :lol:
  14. That bag is so pretty! Like, really, really pretty. I like Coach. Value for money is super, they have lots of styles and colors, and lots of real, quality leather.
  15. Abandonedimages, thanks for posting the pictures. =)
    Daphne Satchel is very nice (elegant & simple), I love it.

    Take it easy. =) Who cares if other people don't like Coach or think they are overpriced -- as long as we love our bags, enjoy using them, think they are worth our money.

    I've never been a fan of bags with big/busy logos/monograms (no matter what brand it is. Dislike them all including LV, Fendi, Gucci). I like bags with simple designs (hate big buckles, studs, ..., or anything too fancy), Coach has some styles that I absolutely love. The simpler the better for me.