Celebrity Ladies Out Shopping Part 5

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  3. I love seeing Gwenyth with Michael Stipe of all people!! How great must those conversations be?!:P
  4. I love the Fendi bag Jessica has and LOL pucci print.
  5. I love Katie's Muse! and I love these threads! Thanks Pradasmeadow!
  6. Gwenyth looks so good!!! LOVE HER!!!:love:
  7. Nice thread. I so love Kimora. Finally someone I don't get tired of.......
  8. dang, i want to go shopping with them.. hehe.. loving the bags..
  9. Fun thread. What is the black bag that Kimora has?
  10. Image trying another pair of shoes with Siennas boots on...
  11. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  12. I love Katie's bag & outfit
  13. They all look great. It makes me want to go shopping. ;)
  14. WHat a day of fun that would be with any of them
  15. [​IMG]