Celebrity Ladies Just Out Shopping

  1. [​IMG] Heather Locklear Locklear tries to avoid the paparazzi while shopping in Malibu When asked how she felt about her ex, Richie Sambora, being involved with her ex best friend Denise Richards she just smiled.

    [​IMG] Kate Hudson Hudson spends the day shopping with friends in Santa Monica hitting trendy store Planet Blue as well as the Coffee Bean for refreshments.

    [​IMG] Kate Beckinsale Fueling rumors of a split with film director husband Len Wiseman, Beckinsale spends the afternoon shopping alone in Santa Monica, where she rents a home

    [​IMG] Jessica Simpson Simpson does some damage at hip L.A. boutique Kitson . She tries to slip out the back after shopping for more than an hour, but the paparazzi manage to find her as usual

    [​IMG] Paris Hilton Paris Hilton makes a quick exit after scoring some goods at chic L.A. store Kate Somerville [​IMG] Jamie-Lynn Sigler Jamie Lynn Sigler waves to the camera while enjoying some retail therapy at trendy L.A. store Intuition

    [​IMG] Heidi Klum Model Heidi Klum enjoys a break from motherhood while shopping at Kitson on Robertson Boulevard in L.A.
    [​IMG] Courtney Love Courtney Love sports an elegant suit while perusing Gucci on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills
  2. [​IMG] Reese Witherspoon Looking happy and carefree, Witherspoon takes the day off from her kids and spends some time at Marni on Melrose Place in Beverly Hills
  3. [​IMG] Eve Eve is all smiles after a productive visit to West Hollywood’s Fred Segal boutique
  4. Great pics! Kate and Reese are such natural beauties. Sooo jealous lol.
  5. [​IMG] Jessica Biel Jessica Biel goes incognito, in sleek aviators and a classic blazer, when leaving Lisa Kline on Robertson Boulevard in L.A.
    [​IMG] Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez heads home after a successful day at hip L.A. boutique Madison on May 10, just days before being sentenced to 60 days in jail. (She only served 4 hours before being released.)

    [​IMG] Denise Richards Richards takes a shopping break to get away from the drama surrounding her love life. She spent some time with her family at Fred Segal in L.A. on June 14, 2006.
  6. Jessica Biel looks scary in that pic.
  7. I like the Kate Hudson pic, they look so cool and relaxed shopping.
  8. thanks for the pics...!they make me wanna go shopping!;)
  9. Kate Hudson looks so petite, and Reese Witherspoon looks fab.
  10. I know she sued some tabloids for saying that she's pregnant, but isn't Reese really pregnant? That blue dress she had on looked like maternity dress to me (Please don't sue me Reese!!)
  11. thanks for posting up the pics, i love to see people shopping, coming out with tons of shopping bags, coz they always looked so happy. heather looks great!
  12. Thanks for all the great pics, Prada!

  13. My pleasure Discobunniee. :heart:
  14. Ooh fun new thread!!
    Reese looks like such a sweetie!
  15. Thanks for all the great photos- Kate Hudson always looks fab and casual-I :heart: her. Wow, Heather Locklear needs to eat something, she looks horribly thin.:wtf: