Celebrity Ladies Hit Fashion Week Fall 2006 !!

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  2. Drool. What purse does Nicole have?
  3. Marly - Nicole has a Marc Jacobs perforated shoulder bag. They are availiable via Net-A-Porter, and are currently on sale!
    Hope this helps.
  4. Lovely pics...thank you for sharing.
  5. Thanks for the info. rainbow_rose, you're a sweetie.
  6. I'm lovin' those MJ bags Nicole, Nicky & Lindsay have!! Droooool!!!:heart:
  7. Ooooh, they all look fabulous. I`m not really feeling Halle Berry`s suit though. Is it the gray? Is it the pin stripe? Is it the turtleneck? Yeah, I think it`s all three.
  8. Lindsay looks like a very cheap hooker with those shoes. Everyone else looks great, especially Claire Danes.
  9. I love Nicky Hilton's shoes!!
  10. Halle looks beautiful.

    I really like Nicky's purse.