Celebrity Houses & Apartment's !!

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    Wiltshire, England
    In 2001, the Material Girl went through yet another transformation, this time to lady of the English manor. She and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, bought a 1,200-acre estate that once belonged to late photographer Cecil Beaton. The pop star learned how to fish, hunt and ride horses. This year, she said she would build a jumping course on the property, despite having taken a bad fall last August. The couple also owns a mansion in London.

    Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
    New York, N.Y.
    The Live with Regis and Kelly co-host and her actor husband paid nearly $9 million for a 6,700-square-foot penthouse in this SoHo building last year, the New York Post reported. Though they bought it as raw space, the spread had a celebrity pedigree. The apartment once belonged to tennis player Boris Becker; the hedge funder who bought it rented it to Nicole Kidman before gutting it.

    Julia Roberts
    New York, N.Y.
    The 38-year-old superstar may have sold her Greenwich Village apartment last year, but that doesn’t leave her without a place to retreat in Manhattan. For more than a decade, Roberts has owned a handful of apartments on Gramercy Park, a gated garden that is the only private park in the city. The spread includes the penthouse and a lower unit that could be used as guest or staff quarters.

    Sandra Bullock
    Tybee Island, Ga.
    Prices have gone up since Sandra Bullock put Tybee Island on the map. In 2001 the actress spent more than $1 million to buy a modest three-story home on the north end of the island, plus empty lots on either side to protect her privacy. She also reportedly owns homes in Southern California; Jackson Hole, Wyo.; and Austin, Texas

    Malibu, Calif.
    Cher has long made her main home on the bluffs in Malibu, where even a mobile home can go for $1 million if it’s on the beach. The 59-year-old actress and singer enjoys renovating homes, and that’s not her only holding. This year Cher bought a $4.5 million, one-bedroom condo off Sunset Strip. A few months ago, she put a six-bedroom waterfront property in Key Biscayne, Fla., on the market for more than $9 million.

    Bill Cosby
    New York, N.Y.
    Many Americans remember him living with his fictional family in a Brooklyn brownstone on the 1980s sitcom The Cosby Show. In real life, the comedian resides in a six-story townhouse on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The 25-foot-wide mansion has an elegant limestone façade and is very close to Central Park.

    Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams
    Brooklyn, N.Y.
    The Oscar-nominated Brokeback Mountain stars made headlines when they opted for a brownstone in a low-key Brooklyn neighborhood last year. The four-story house in Boerum Hill was built in 1860. Ledger, 26, and Williams, 25, reportedly bought it for about $3.5 million. Now they live there with their baby girl, conceived while shooting the film.

    Bruce Willis
    New York, N.Y.
    The 51-year-old actor is full of action in the real estate market, too. Last year, Willis sold his duplex in Trump Tower for a startling $14.5 million (he’d gotten it in the divorce from Demi Moore). Then, according to the New York Post, he agreed to buy a $10 million penthouse spread in the Cipriani residences on Wall Street. But since they’re not done
    yet, he’s paying a little under $55,000 a month to rent a four-bedroom apartment, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park, in Trump International Hotel & Tower
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    Lenny Kravitz
    New York, N.Y.
    Kravitz’s duplex apartment in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood is fit for a rocker, complete with a transparent staircase and a hot tub on the terrace. He’s been trying to sell the place for years, and he has dropped the price multiple times. Courtney Love finally managed to sell her apartment in the former industrial building, but Kravitz’s is off the market while he redecorates.

    Jon Stewart
    New York, N.Y.
    No joke--comedian Jon Stewart dropped a bundle on a loft in this downtown Manhattan building last year. His $5.8 million Tribeca loft totals 6,000 square feet and has a 600-square-foot terrace and private rooftop. The best part? The Daily Show host, who moved there with his wife and son from a West Village townhouse, bought the place under a corporation named for his dog and cat.

    George Clooney
    Lake Como, Italy
    Journalists and tourists swarmed to the small Italian town of Laglio last week after rumors circulated that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would wed at pal George Clooney’s lakeside estate. The brainy actor/producer/director/writer bought the 25-room villa, known as Villa Oleandra, in 2001. It’s said to have an outdoor theater, a large swimming pool and a garage for Clooney’s motorcycles
  3. I like George Clooney's house, nice view and it looks so peaceful
  4. only chers house fancies me
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  6. Clooney's and Madonna's are so gorgeous!
  7. i love clooney's house.
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  9. Love clooney's house. heck, everyone's is amazing!
  10. I only like Sandra's and Clooneys, but I love Sandras. It's not big and flashy..I like that.
  11. Madonna and Clooney's places are GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  12. Thanks Prada's Meadow...this was a great read!
  13. Remember Gwen Stefanis beautiful 'Cool' video?
    They shot it there at Lake Como. :heart:
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