Celebrity Homes Threatened By Malibu Fires+ Suzanne Somers Loses Home

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  3. is that guy lviing in a trailer?

    i like adam sandlers home!

    abstract homes! :biggrin:
  4. Brad and Angelina's abode
    Kate and Goldie's Broad Beach pad
    Beach boy Matthew McConaughey's hangout
    Julia Roberts' superhome under construction
    Aniston's beach house
    ****, my Airstream! - Sean Penn
    Cher's amazing palace
    Cindy Crawford's family home
    Babs' beach bungalow
    007's house
    Pamela Anderson's Malibu Colony beach house
    John Cusack's home is right in the middle of the fire ...
    Adam Sandler is close to the flames too ...
  5. At least Sean Penn can drive his home away from the fires!!!
  6. That is soooo sad! I just saw Suzanne being interviewed. She seems sad but at the same time, in good spirits. I feel so sorry for those who lost their homes.

    Malibu is my husband's dream location for us! He talks about it every single day. It's so beautiful there.
  7. That's sad. It must horrible to loose everything in a fire, or in any other way. Especially when it doesn't depend on us, and there's nothing we can do.

    Those are some nice houses. I love Jennifer Aniston's.