celebrity GUCCI discount..........

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  1. So I was told the other day that celebrities get a 30% discount at Gucci. I was sorta irked, I mean why the heck do they get a discount when they make a butt load of money?? Makes no sense to me at all. :tdown:
  2. Well it makes sense because if a celebrity gets their photo taken with a bag or whatever then that means alot more sales for the company, because people buy what they see their favorite celebrity wearing. It's just product placement.
  3. It is a small fee for endorsement by the celebrities. I believe that some of them get free stuff from time to time too.
  4. Advertising... If they buy Gucci stuff they are doing a favour for Gucci, not vice versa. No point getting upset. It's the way the world works. :smile:
  5. No I totally understand why they get it, I just don't agree with it. I mean even if say Jessica didn't get a discount at gucci, she still would buy the bag (for the name) and carry it out in public, so people would still see her with it and gucci would get free advertisement still.

    I don't know I just find it unbelievable how celebrities are lavished with expensive "gifts" and get paid a ton of money while the people who teach our children, protect our country and our cities get paid crap and get treated like crap! :nogood:
  6. yeah, it totally sucks but when they wear a bag, the bag gets noticed!! so it's worth the discount for the retailers.
  7. Ah fair enough. I see where you are coming from now. Saw a pic of Jess Simpson with one of the current 07 blueberry coloured spy bags and I was like urgh! She has everything. And she looked like such a tramp in the photo. A lot of people are driven by celebrities to buy designer stuff, which is a shame. I mean look at Lindsey, Simpson etc.
  8. Oh how I wish I was a celeb.To get exclusive stuff would be divine I swear.
  9. lindsay lohan, jennifer anniston and brad pitt get 50% off because they wear so much gucci stuff.
  10. Oh wow half price man thats a good discount!
  11. its just an incentive for them to buy more....i mean sure they have tons and tons of money but they are still people! they are still mature and still have to think about what to buy and what to spend thier bucks on!!!

    I think i read somewhere that the majoritiy of millionares are hidden, you will NEVER be able to tell that they have tons of cash because they are wise with how they use it. I mean im sure some celebs are aware how quickly their money can go and some just dont feel comfy spending that much. Its sad but thats what celebs have to do to stay hot! They have to spend the bucks for the best facials, hair styles and clothing and accessories because if they didnt have that they would just be like us! :smile: so in a world where a lot of their friends go brankarupt for spending all of their money on useless stuff, they try to go for what they like at a good price...how excited did we all get for a 30% discount? it made us for a while only think about gucci and not lv/chanel right? well thats them all the time.

    they have the 30% discount all the time which makes them more likely to buy one thing over the other

    it sucks i know it does but its the smartest marketing strategy in the world...they make more money off of the sales to brad pitt than me because he buys 10x more things than i do...AND he influences other people by physically wearing the items!!

    WIN WIN situation for gucci...and as sad as it sounds, its a business! they dont care about teachers or poor college kids like me...its all about the paper!
  12. Yeah plus if you saw Newlyweds there was an episode where she walked in and had boxes shipped to her where she got a free Celine Boogie bag and a Ferragamo Gancini Bag from what we saw for a Happy 2004 or whatever. Grrrr.

    Also the Gucci sales girl told me they named that one hobo "The Jessica" because she made it famous. Dont know if I believe that though.
  13. are you serious! i don't agree with it at all. Just like when they get those big ass free gift packages at award shows worth $50,000. Makes me sad =(
  14. I work in advertising so I understand why celebrities get discounts and free products, but I still say that it is sooooooooooo unfair!
  15. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    it does make sense, they will sell more in sale.