Celebrity Fit Club

  1. Anyone watch? The look on Carnie Wilson's face when Tina Yothers was talking about her mom having gastric bypass and gaining all the weight back was priceless! At my last job many coworkers had it done-more than 10-and most of them regained 75% of the weight back-its a tool. Should be a fun group!

    Flavor of Love is waiting on the DVR for when I get done frosting my Red Velvet Cake-I will most likely start a "Flava-thread" aft I watch if no one beats me to it!
  2. Saw the beginning but had to leave. Will be watching it sporadically. I feel bad for Carnie after that people cover with the jeans. Losing weight is only part of the issue. Looking at your reasons for eating and working through those concerns is the other part!
  3. I'm watching it now and I've got to say everyone seems ready to lose the weight. However we all know how ready these celebs are when they start the show. I really want to see Flavor of Love. That show is HILARIOUS!
  4. I missed it last night, but will catch up. I think this is a great show, and have watched since the first set of celebrities tried to lose weight.
  5. I saw Carni's reaction too; she seemed scared to death! Help me with something though. I thought the bypass surgery reduced the size of your stomach so much that you could only eat a spoonful of food or so. How could Tina's mother gain so much weight back? I honestly didn't think it was possible due to the new stomach size.