Celebrity Fit Club

  1. I just started watching this for the last 10 mins, currently on commercial break.

    It's pretty interesting!

    I saw a VERY familiar face and was so surprised when i heard his name--WARREN G! ..mmmmm! He is still a pretty fine man. :graucho:

    Screech aka Dustin Diamond from Saved by the bell is also on there..and also "DA BRAT"...Those are the only people I recognize so far.

  2. I really like that show - I have been watching it the past few seasons.
  3. yeah i've been watching it too. Ross is the best! lol

    Dustin is getting on my last nerve but its not reality tv without the drama causing cast member.
  4. I bet Screech ends up leaving. What a PITA he is. I also like Ross.
  5. haha, I love Ross!!
  6. me too!
  7. Despite my best efforts, I found myself intoning "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" several times during the show.

    Dustin has got to be every reality producer's dream!
  8. I'm rooting for Marcia. Screech is just nasty and annoying. Warren G's pretty cool. I LOL at the clip of Tiffany playing a club singing "I think we're alone now...." I just sank in my chair lol it was that painful.
  9. ross is so funny, he makes me laugh so hard that the sides of my stomach hurts. screech has a really bad attitude. i was very shocked to discover the real him.
  10. I thought I saw on a preview someone walking off the show. It was a guy.

    Sorry not to familiar with the show.
  11. I think it was Screech. He's gross and vulgar.
  12. A few members of the cast was just on Tyra today!

    once again, Warren G is looking f i n e. LOL
  13. ohhh Warren G. I was like 3rd grade when I first saw him on the music video "regulators"

    Gosh, about 15 years later, he still makes me swoon!!!
  14. Yup I saw them on Tyra while I was at the gym. Ross looks great. They all looked great and happy. Dustin wasn't there (Thank God) I guess he really does leave the show.