Celebrity father-son mini-me's

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I love that last one of Brad and Maddox!
    I watched will Smith and his son on Oprah the other day, I forget his son's name, but he was so serious lol very cute and he will be a super handsome man when he grows up!
  3. I can't believe Damon Wayans has such a handsome, very grown-up son!!
  4. Cedric the entertainer's son is adorable

    Damon Wayans' son is HOT!

    Here is my contribution to the thread: Ryan and Deacon
  5. I saw that show too. His son was hillarious but his daughter stole the show! I can't wait to see that movie that Will & Jaden are in.
  6. too cute
  7. This thread is adorable! Love all the father-and-son photos esp. Brad and Maddox.
  8. Xzibit and his son are carbon-copies! :amuse: ....so adorable! Good grief, Damon Wayans and his son look like bros!!!!
  9. i didn't know that daymon wayan has such a grown up son. father and son are both hot.
  10. i think damon wayans is also a grandpa... he mentioned it when he was on the tonight show w/ jay leno awhile ago (or i'm possibly confusing him w/ his older brother). i think his oldes son is around 23 years old or around that age.
  11. Damon's son is HOT!!! :drool:

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  12. They're all very handsome! WOW!

    Cedric's little boy makes me want a son now! Xzibit little one is very, very cute! I'll have to look him up next time I'm in LA and get dibbs on him for my 13 year old daughter! LOL!

    I've seen Damon's other son in person. He has VERY handsome sons! The apples don't fall too far from the family tree, huh?!

    And how cute is Fat Joe's son?!?!? OH MY GOD! Freaking adorable! Looks like his Daddy!

    And we all know that Maddox doesn't look anything like his Daddy but he's one of the cutest kids EVER!

    Great pictures!
  13. Damon Wayans Jr. is soooooo damn HOT :drool:
  14. Cute pictures!!
  15. Love those pix!!