Celebrity Duets! Who's watching tonight?

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  1. It's a two hour season premiere showing tonight at 8 on FOX.

    Simon Cowell developed this series, and it features undiscovered celebrities singing duets with recording artists. They'll compete for an audience.

    I'm watching because Hal Sparks and Jai Rodriguez are on tonight, and I love them!

    The others are:
    Lucy Lawless
    Lea Thompson
    Alfonso Ribeiro
    Chris Jericho
    Carly Patterson

    The singers are:
    Belinda Carlisle
    Brian McKnight
    Peter Frampton
    Macy Gray
    Clint Black
    Lee Ann Womack
    Kenny Loggins
  2. Patti Labelle is on there, too, as well as Smokey Robinson.
  3. bryan mcknight sounds good.. but i wont be watching it..
  4. i am not taken by this show - its lacking somthing
  5. I Only Saw About 5 Minutes....I Really Wanted To Bryan McKnight!
  6. I watched the entire thing last night...the judges were way too nice on some people. Not sure if I will continue to watch.
  7. I just saw the rerun. Lucy Lawless was up first. Wow, she looks gorgeous!! She can sing too!
  8. I watched it and actually enjoyed it. I'm not sure why but I did enjoy several of the performers like Jai, Hal and Alfonso. I thought the gymnast was horrible and was surprised they didn't kick her off!:shrugs:
  9. ^^ I thought she wasn't good too.
  10. Who watched it last night? I didn't like Lea Thompson's performance at all. But everyone else was pretty good. The judges are TOO nice, it is kinda boring!