Celebrity Couples !!

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  2. I guess we can scratch Matthew and Pen off this list.:sad: Gavin and Gwen are the cutest!!!:love:
  3. PM you always come up with the BEST pics! thanks for sharing them!
  4. i love Gavin-Gwen, Ryan-Reese and Sarah-Matthew. they're the ones who are really going strong :rochard:
  5. Ryan and Reese look GREAT together in that photo. Love them as a couple!
  6. i love r&r couples and m&M :biggrin:
  7. Ryan and Reece are my all time fav! Sooo cute.
  8. nice pictures! cant wait to see more :smile:
  9. i agree! :P
    btw, who's that guy with charlize?
  10. G&G are the best! They're so cute together. :love:
  11. What about Gosling and McAdams?
    I saw them a few weeks ago kissing on the beach.
    I took a photo, after they were done kissing. She had a great Choo bag.

    I should post the photo in a new thread.

  12. ^^^That would be cool, thanks!
  13. [​IMG]
  14. reese and ryan! :love:
  15. Ryan & Reese = the cutest =)