Celebrity Chefs -- are they actually there?

  1. Hi everyone...I never really thought of this but I was asked and I don't know! Do celebrity chefs actually cook? Are they even present in the restaurant?

    Eg, Nobu Matsuhisa, Daniel Boulud...

    Nobu has like 20 restaurants! I know that most of the cooking is done by line chefs even in $100/person restaurants...but are the celebrity chefs even around to direct stuff?
  2. Yes they are ! but I'm sure not every night.... the customers expect to see them at least once....... that's usually part of the experience of dining in a celebrity owned restaurant, or having a Celebrity chef, so, they make a point of cooking and making appearance's especially on the busiest nights.

    Gordon Ramsey is on hand often.
  3. They are often present in the restaurant on busy nights, but rarely cook the food or give direction to the staff.
    Ramsey is an exception, he is very on-hand and is interested in developing chef apprentices.