Celebrity Big Brother Results!

  1. And the rankiings for Celebrity Big Brother 2007 are:
    1. Shilpa
    2. Jermaine Jackson
    3. Dirk
    4. Ian
    5. Danielle
    6. Jack

    What an international political issue. This controversial show has become THE most political reality show in the world... It was all about the whole racism thing that squid-faced Jade Goody, Jo O'meara (former S club 7 singer who has now been branded a monster) and Danielle (the shamed former ms england)...

    Good on Shilpa Shetty for winning this show! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. I may not be popular for saying this but I think this whole incident was blown out of proportion & shocking that Jade Goodies career/business has been destroyed because of it! I couldn't believe it when I heard they had taken her perfume off the shelves! I hate to see anyone ruined!
    Don't get me wrong I am NOT condoning the shocking behaviour of the girls it was rough, rude, nasty etc. but it was *****iness NOT racism. However, it wasn't the first furore on BB. There were personality clashes, they didnt like Shilpa, so what? The colour of her skin shouldn't have been a issue. & you know what she did start it by saying the blooming oxo cube was all that she ordered, that was a huge lie! She was the little girl playing on everyones sympathy! Well good for her she won it on a sympathy vote not because she was the most entertaining charachter I have ever seen on BB. She was totally self opinionated & I do believe that she looked down her nose at the other girls which would madden anyone. They didn't have her upbringing & shouldn't have been so punished. hell when you put yourself up for a show like that you have to be prepared to deal with all the crap.
    Shilpa is a very cute lady, no wonder she is a good actress in her country, she played to the cameras the whole time & was very shrewd. Truthfully I didn't like her & she is well fit to hold her own but was too cute to retaliate so she came out as the vestile virgin.
    Out of the final two Jermaine should have won that, he is a nice man not the life & soul of the party but direct, calming & honest.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the final result was rigged to appease Shilpa & her nation.
    I feel sorry for Danielle (rough that she is) also who has lost her modelling contract & her boyfriend but hey he is pandering to the press also.
    Those girls are not bad just bloody stupid!
    & you know the British Government is killing people in Iraq & other places is that not racist? I think there are way more important issues to make an international incident out of than 4 silly girls on a reality TV show!
  3. This show took so many amazing twist and turns. I wasn't surprised that Shilpa won.
  4. same here, i am not surprise one bit that shilpa won due to all the controversial issues in the house.
  5. I don't sympathise with racists. Racism can take any form like snide *****y comments to outright blatant insults. I didn't watch the show so I can't comment on the actions of the women who are being maligned but whatever they did they lost because of it. Shilpa probably won the sympathy vote not a rigged vote.
  6. I agree that racism can take many forms & I certainly don't condone it in ANY form. I just think these girls were not bullying her because of her race rather because they just didnt like her as a person. Of course that is NOT ok but I was just trying to make the point that it wasn't racism for which they are being so punished. If the victim had been the same race as them there would not have been all this furore never mind an international incident, it would have been out down as adding to the entertainment.