Celebrity Beauty Lines

  1. I tried Jessica Simpson's line, Dessert Beauty, and even though all of the products smelled good, I absolutely HATED the lip gloss!!!!! It had a weird taste and lasted a second! I'm serious! It was like applying water on my lips!

    If perfumes count, then I tried J. Lo.'s pefrume "Still". It was great until it "aged" a little (about 6 months). Then it started to smell like a very cheap cologne!!!!! I had to throw it out. Also, I had Paris Hilton's perfume "Paris Hilton" and even though I loved it, I had to sell it cause I got tired of it!
  2. Susan Lucci's fragrance is about the only perfume that doesn't give me migraines-her La Lucci scent,and I use Youthful Essence microdermabrasion all of the time. Other than that,I haven't really used any celebrity makeup except Desert from Jessica Simpson,which was okay. Oooo-totally forgot I used Principal Secret eye cream and it was really quite spectacular-I am just not into being roped into their auto-shipping.