Celebrity Bags Make You Purchase?


Mar 9, 2006
Let me clarify and ask...when you see pictures of celebrities (or on televison) carrying certain handbags does it motivate you to make a purchase of that bag?

Would you have purchased the bag anyway or do they make you look into that bag more?
Actually this can have an opposite effect for me - I don't want to look like L Lohan or an Olsen twin. I would rather they all carried ugly bags and then I would never feel like I was following Hollywood's trends.

I remember seeing a picture of Kate Moss in London with a b-bag ages ago, and I thought well, she looks classy and that is a nice bag. The teeny-bopper stars - those are the gals I wish would all carry paperbags so it never looked like I was copying them.
Not really. I do like seeing pictures of celebrities carrying bags, because it does give me an idea of how the bag looks on someone. But, just because Lindsay Lohan has (insert popular bag here) doesn't mean I'll rush to the store to put my name on the waiting list.
Well I do a little bit of both. Sometimes I like seeing who is carrying what -- for instance I like the pick of Vic B carrying a green kelly - however, it bugs the heck out of me that she has one in EVERY color practically! Same with NIcole and her B Bags....I do like to see Sienne Miller carrying a couple of bags over and over....I can't stand the fact that L Lo has a zillion bags...I think basically if I like a bag, I like it just not for the person who carries it alone...

Sometimes, however, seeing someone carrying a bag prompts a question as to "what" the bag is and in turn prompts me to purchase since I may have not seen the bag before if that makes sense! (i.e. Reese and her Lanvin Kansas - although I got leather and hers is velvet):amuse:
Nope, not a bit. When a company can get a bag on the arm of that many celebs, I tend the think of it as super trendy and not worth my $$$. I like the fact that I haven't seen anyone carrying my LV Babylone tote. Yet. LOL
I don't necessarily see a celebrity carrying a bag and think 'OMG I've got to have it because xxxxx has it'. Its more that I get introduced to a lot of bags because I see celebs carrying them.

Did that make any sense? :wacko:
Cristina said:
Not really. I do like seeing pictures of celebrities carrying bags, because it does give me an idea of how the bag looks on someone.
Exactly. I wish more sites were like Zappos and eLuxury, and showed the bags either on a model or a mannequin so you'd have some idea of size. Celebrities don't inspire me to buy a particular bag, but the pics do let me see what a bag looks like in a real life setting (on someone's arm, in sunlight, how it will accessorize an outfit, etc.).

Just as seeing a celeb wih a bag doesn't make me rush out and buy it, seeing a celeb with a bag doesn't keep me from *not* buying it either. If I see a style I like that I want, I'll buy it - I don't give two hoots if LiLo, Nicole or Vicky B already have it in twelve colors or not. I buy bags for me, no one else. :amuse:
No. For instance, I was seriously considering buying a certain bag, but then I started going back and forth on it. I saw a pic of a celeb. with the bag but I ended up not buying it.
It depends. The problem with bags becoming popular due to celebrities carrying them is that it spawns a whole new wave of fakes. Next thing you know, everyone and their grandma is carrying some godawful fake version of the bag. When I see that, it just makes me less interested. Like now I couldn't see myself owning any LV monogram pieces, because around here every LV mono you see is as fake as a three dollar bill. I am sure Jessica Simpson carrying LVs all the time didn't help the situation.
Only because it plants the seed in my head about a bag. For example I saw soooooo many photo's of Paltrow and her black balenciaga city bag - I fell in love with it and had to have it!

Now i'm lusting over the Chloe "Edith" bag. So far I haven't seen one single celeb with it....
sometimes it influences me. but not because a celebrity is wearing it, it's more like seeing a walking mannekin in an everyday situation - good way to see how the bag wears and looks with different styles of clothing.
Sometimes it can be a total turn-off. Especially when the bag gets so much coverage that it's declared the new "IT" bag. But seeing a bag on a celebrity is like the "walking mannequin"--so I like that aspect. And if sometimes you get introduced into designers or new styles that you otherwise would not have discovered. So it's a two-edged sword for me.