Celebrity & bag sighting

  1. Last night we went to dinner at Jar, and our table wasn't ready so we went to the bar for a drink. Sitting at the end of the bar was a pretty woman who I recognized as an actress though I couldn't place here name or what I'd seen her in recently. The hostess offered to seat her but she said she was waiting for her husband. She seemed quite friendly and was smiling and chatting with others nearby, then I noticed her brown "L'Ingénieux" sitting on the bar. I said, "I love your bag; it's gorgeous!" and she said "Thanks. My husband gets jealous over how much I love this bag!" I said something to the effect of "well I can certainly understand why you love it."

    A few minutes later her husband walks in....Hugh Laurie, looking pretty much exactly like in this picture: http://www.bestweekever.tv/bwe/images/updowns/hugh%20laurie.jpg

    Incidently, our meal was fabulous. I highly recommend this place, but make reservations!
  2. How cool!! I love Hugh Laurie!:smile:
  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Sorry - I'm such a huge fan of Hugh Laurie that I momentarily lost my mind. His wife sounds like a sweetheart - did you get to talk to him?
  4. No, when he came in they were seated pretty much right away. But we ended up being seated just two tables away.
  5. Very cool!! I like him in House
  6. That's cool, his wife sounds very nice.
  7. aww, that's cool.
  8. That's so awesome!!! I'm a HUGE fan of his! :nuts:
  9. Wow...awesome sighting you had - both bag and celebrity!
  10. I like Hugh Laurie in House :girlsigh:
  11. Celeb sightings are always nice. Especially when those you run into are polite and don't have their heads up their *sses.
  12. Sweet, I did not know he was married