~ Celebrity Apprentice 2011 cast leak eek! ~

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  1. Just read that they are doing another Celebrity Apprentice which will air in the first part of 2011. So the leak of contentants so far is.....

    Mark McGrath
    Star Jones :nuts: and...
    Latoya Jackson :nuts: :nuts:

    I can see the fireworks already with those two women :lolots:

  2. Latoya Jackson! :lol:
  3. Lord I have no desire to see Star Jones on TV. Hope she gets the boot first. Latoya doesn't strike me as smart enough to be on The Apprentice. The only times I've seen her in interviews her head always seems to be in the clouds somewhere.
  4. So far, out of those three I'm not impressed. I hope the other celebrities are better. I prefer the Celebrity Apprentice over the regular Apprentice that is on this season.
  5. 2 more Celebs leaked....

    Lisa Rinna & Dionne Warwick
  6. I can't stand to hear Star Jones weezy breathing when she talks
    Don't care to look up Dionne Warwick's nostrils, Mark's uber fake teeth, Lisa Rinna's lips and LaToya's everything...

    I won't be watching..
  7. OMG Lisa Rinna might be even more annoying than Star Jones. The only one I could even remotely stand to watch would be Mark McGrath.
  8. I was just going to comment on his horrible fake teeth! I remember when he was normal looking and kinda cute. Then he had lots of stuff done (including hair plugs, bad teeth and a nose job) and now he's hard on the eyes.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Star Jones again. I hated her on the View but I bet she's changed, calmed down and stopped her diva ways.

    Latoya Jackson is useless. I still remember her giving all those interviews saying her brother was a child molester. Then she forgot about it when it suited ($) her. She has no backbone and no talent.
  9. Gawd here are more Celebs....geez this list is almost as bad as Dancing with the Stars

    David Cassidy from Partridge Family
    Marlee Matlin
    Nene Leakes from Real Howives of Atlanta
    Lil Jon the Rapper
    Richard Hatch Deadbeat taxpayer who won 1st Survivor
    Gary Busey :nuts:

    Should be a juicy mess of a show! I cant wait to see Star & Nene go at it. I just hope Nene doesnt start her screaming in peoples faces she does.
  10. Also Pauly D from Jersey Shore could have done it but he turned it done LOL.

    Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan also was asked but she turned it down. I don't know if that is true since Trump booted Khloe off for her DUI
  11. Rachel Uchitel (Tiger's Woods' "friend" ) was suppose to be on but she decided to go to celebrity rehab with dr. drew and Trump told her that that was a bad career move and it would hurt her to go to rehab
  12. LaToya is FASCINATING.

    I'll watch just for her
  13. That list is crazy!! Star Jones, NeNe, LaToya, Gary Busey, et al....guaranteed heated boardrooms!
  14. Wow @ those names. Sounds like one big train wreck. Is this for real?
  15. Yeah Nene called in to Wendy Williams this morning (cause she probably wanted free press) to mention they were selling pizzas on the corner of 50th & Broadway from 11am to 3pm LOL!

    So I guess we will have to wait and see who won that task.

    I know there is a sports guy in there too but I cant remember his name.