Celebrity and Veneers

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  1. It's all about that Hollywood smile transformation

    First up, soon to be billionaire Kylie Jenner
    30856493_441546736267283_2436318180021370880_n.jpg kylie-jenner-teeth.jpg
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  2. Blake Lively
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  3. Demi Moore
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  4. Oopsies.. title should say Celebrities and their Veneers
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  5. Catherine Zeta Jones

    Most requested veneer job
  6. Jennifer Garner
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  7. Megan Fox
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  8. Miley Cyrus
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  9. Lindsay Lohan
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  10. Katie Holmes
    katieholmes-yellowteeth-crowsfeet.png GettyImages-961220026.jpg Katie-Holmes-Suri-Cruise-Wearing-Floral-Dresses.jpg
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  11. Men

    Ben Affleck
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  12. Zac Efron
    a6b514dab31207ce59b5ad132f728272--celebrity-smiles-celebrity-couples.jpg celebrityMakeovers.jpg
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  13. Another most requested veneer job

    George Clooney

    I have to say, this is tastefully done. I can't tell the difference at first glance.
    2884a52617302038c4954d9a275b6f00.jpg 600_ss_clooney_celebs_fake_teeth.jpg
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  14. Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible
    Tom-Cruise-Plastic-Surgery-Nose-Job-Before-and-After-Photos-teeth-work-2.jpg Tom-Cruise-teeth.jpg
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  15. Chris Rock
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