Celebrity alert!

  1. I went to the LA MJ boutique last week. As I was walking out of the store, I looked over at the MJbyMJ boutique across the street. My bf and I see tons of paparazzi standing outside the store. So we walk over all excited to see who it was. We were afraid to go inside since someone 'famous' was in there, so we stood outside asking them who it was. No one answered and totally ignored us. So a SA from the store came out and told the paparazzi to move away from the window and entrance so that customers can come in. The SA sees that I had a MJ bag and told us to come on in, so we did! I try to look casual while 'shopping' when in reality I just wanted to see who it was. So I walked around her trying not to stare and figure out who she was since she had big sunglasses on. BUT I knew who it was. It was Victoria Beckham formely known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls. I would have asked for a picture with her, but her body guards were VERY intimidating and kept staring at us, since we were the only other customers in the store. She also seemed really busy shopping lol. That made my day better, because about 2 hours before we got into a crack wreck.

    Well thought I'd share that with you guys. Cool seeing a celeb!
  2. How exciting! I would have loved to be in the MBMJ store with her! I see paparazzi too but never know who they're snapping photos of.
  3. OMG!!! I LOVE her!!! You're SO lucky!!! Did she buy anything? *sigh* noone famous ever comes to Syracuse..It's very rare...That def would hav emade my day...Sorry about the car wreck...hope everyone's OK and your car didn't get beat up too bad!
  4. Oh my gosh, how exciting! You are so lucky!
  5. I'm curious...what's a "crack wreck"? Do you mean car wreck? If so, I hope everything is okay!
  6. OMG how fun!! VB is my bag idol... :girlsigh:

    Hope you're OK after the car wreck??? :yes:
  7. You saw Posh!!! :p
  8. haha opps. what a big typo. CAR WRECK.. it was late =/
  9. OMG that is soooo cool! She's so chic and gorgeous! What a cool experience!!
  10. That's so fun! I love seeing celebrities like her! I'm sorry to hear about the car wreck. Are you ok?
  11. That's very cool! Were you completely beside yourself? I would have been.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident though...hoping that you're alright!
  12. My bf and I are fine just a few bruises and aches here and there. We were excited to see a celebrity, but we weren't going crazy like some people do. If you guys know what I mean. We were just casual as we could be and not make ourselves look like complete idiots. She was GORGEOUS and very chic.
  13. you should find some of the pictures of her and post em maybe you will be in the background of one haha
  14. My bf read somewhere online that she flew back to Europe the day after we spotted her through LAX. I should have took pictures of her through my cell phone and sold them to the paparazzi. lol. or even take one of their cameras into the store and snap some pics of my own. The things I would have done better :crybaby:
  15. oooh..that's so exciting! i love love love her! the one time i heard girls screaming outside the store i was shopping in, i ran out thinking it was a celebrity...turns out they were filming a commercial for Vespas..ha ha..doesn't bet shopping at M by MJ with posh herself