Celebrities you would NEVER be caught dead with...

  1. With the gossip magazines and entertainment television programs bombarding us with all kinds of juicy celebrity tidbits, I was just wondering if there is any particular celebrity (or pseudo-celebrity) out there that you would never want to be caught (or photographed) with.

    I have three and in no particular order of loathsomeness:

    Tom Cruise...because he's become a complete nut, and I wouldn't want people to think I was a nut too.
    Paris Hilton...sure I'd get publicity, but the wrong kind. I'd be afraid someone would come up to b*tch-slap her, and they'd get me instead.
    Jessica Simpson...because I'd never want to be around her very weird father and her even weirder hairdresser.

    Share any of your picks here. I'm dying to find out who gives you the heeby-geebies.:Push:

    BTW, I'm not sure if this is a topic better discussed in the celebrity section of the forum. PTB, please feel free to move it around.
  2. Really I wouldn't want to be photographed with any celeb. Simply because they'd make me look dumpier and fatter than I even am. :sad:
  3. Paris Hilton .. mindless
    Tom Cruise.. total freak
    AShlee Simpson.. no comment
    Eva Longoria... :angel:
  4. Lindsay Lohan.
  5. I'd never be caught dead with any of the hollywood men that are known to be real womanizers.
  6. Never caught dead with...
    Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, Nicole Richie and J.Lo
  7. Lil Kim... euuww, I despise that woman :yucky:
  8. Lindsay Lohan. I'd probably get booked for Murder 1.
    K-Fed. Same thang. Bleeh.
  9. Tom Cruise, cause ditto Chloe he's a total freak. K-Fed, he's just disgusting. Lindsay Lohan cause there's always so many weird press stories about her; falling down in weird places, not wearing panties everywhere, etc. :rolleyes:
  10. Paris.... no comment:confused1:
    Tom Cruise.... because he's gotten really freaky with his Scientology stuff and everything! (Scientology freaks me out!)
    Lindsay Lohan..... because there isn't much of a brain noticable....
  11. michael bolton or any "mullets" guy...
    angelina jolie & brad pitt
    victoria beckham
  12. I wouldn't want to be seen with:

    Tom Cruise
    Brad Pitt
    Angelina HOlie
    Paris Hilton
    Jessica Simpson
    I'm sure there are others.......
  13. Lil Kim
    Tara Reid
    Lindsay Lohan
    Bascially any skanky celebs. I don't want people to think "birds of a feather."
  14. Apparantly I will never be seen with Kate Moss, she and I really don't travel in the same circles...
  15. Paris Hilton
    Lindsay Lohan
    Kimberly Stewart