Celebrities with YSL Muses

  1. We know Kate Moss has one. So do Demi, Julianne, Naomi. Here are some recent Muse celebrity owners...
    madonna.jpg LL_muse soh.jpg siennasmiles1.jpg mwilliams.jpg JessicaAlba.jpg
  2. I am really loving the muse! Thanks for the pics caponahottinroof!
    Do you think the muse is a trendy or classic bag?
  3. I think its classic. The lines are elegant and simple and you can use it both for work and play.
  4. Classic! Because I have one...;) . Thanks for the pics Caponahottinroof....now I really love my Muse, Madonna :love: has one!
  5. whats the best color for a muse?? how many differnet colors does it come in anyways?
  6. White, Black, Chocolate, Tan, I think that's all the colors available. This bag looks great in all the colors, just a matter of your preference.
  7. Awww......Michelle Williams baby is so cute.
  8. DARN it, I'm totally loving the Muse now. This forum is bad, bad, bad influence :lol:
  9. They had one at SF Saks! A Oversized Chocolate.... hurryyy,...:lol: !
  10. I know! it's got me too!!!
  11. i am loving the white one more than the black
  12. I tried the white one one this weekend at NM; although the stars on this pic look awesome carrying it--I thought it was too big for my body. Seeing Lindsey and Jessica wearing it makes me change my mind a little--we are about the same size. I might get one as a graduation present--I would like it for work.
  13. I've heard green but have not seen. Love the white. I've seen animal print that looked tres funky!
  14. Oh wow, I actually love the oversized black one on Madonna! I think it suits her better than any of the others.
  15. I really like the YSL advertisements for the Muse, too.