Celebrities with Whistle???

  1. I just ordered a large Whistle in brown without seeing it in person.
    It was one of those impurse buying and want to see some pictures of celebrities or YOU with the bag in action.
    I did some searches but no luck so far and started doubting my decision :confused1: ... it's oddly proportioned, no one's carrying it...:sad:
    Does anyone carry this? Please post any pictures with the bag.
    Hopefully, I won't get disappointed.
  2. I personally think it's a gorgeous bag, and if I'm not wrong Echoluster bought one a while back, and it was beautiful!!! You should be happy!!!!
  3. Oh I can't wait to see yours! I really want one, a black. Please post pics.
  4. I have a small black whistle which I absolutely love. I remember seeing a picture of Ashlee Simpson with the small whistle as well (in rouge vif?) but I couldn't tell you where to find that picture... I'll look around.

    The leather is fab and it's understated but edgy.

    Here's Ashlee with the small one.
    Here's mine.
  5. i haven't seen any celebs with this bag
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Thanks everyone for the response^^ The Whistle I got is the lo~ng one. Will post pictures when I get it.
  8. My lil sister has that bag in black and she loves it