Celebrities with their Rebecca Minkoff bags! (2)

  1. Whitney Port (with what looks like a red mini Mac or Mac)

  2. Spotted on the show Pretty Little Liars - a reg Mac and a studded Mattie :smile:
    image-1599723899.jpg image-846516313.jpg image-610330173.jpg
  3. hanna's mom also had a brown nikki :smile:
  4. :yes: yes !
  5. I know this is an old pic but WOW!! Makes me want a black Flirty!!

  6. There was a time wheb I went gaga over the flirty and stalked it on a lot of online sites. I ended up not getting it but it makes me sigh everytime i see one . :smile:
  7. I ended up getting it in Neon Yellow, since I already have two black w/gold HW RM's - a MAC and a Swing.:shame: You should get one!

  8. Jessica Alba
    20120623_rebecca minkoff bag_2.jpg
  9. Jessica Alba with woven MAC and her friend with multi weave tote (Cherish?)
    Stolen from the celeb forum


  10. Jessica Alba 4th of July
  11. Eva Mendes (and Ryan Gosling's dog)
    eva%20mendes%2003aug12%2028.jpg eva%20mendes%2003aug12%2018.jpg
  12. oh snap...are they dating? i have no idea what the stars are doing these days. ryan gosling is HOT and a great actor too.
  13. :yes: