Celebrities with their Rebecca Minkoff bags! (2)

  1. Her face looks very much like his soon-to-be ex-wife's!
  2. Shenae Grimes w/ a different RM! :biggrin:


    shenae3.JPG shenae4.JPG
  3. Shenae looks great in these pictures! Is that the Fling?
  4. omg Shenae FINALLY switched out of the BQP MAC! :faint:
  5. woo i love the semi-sighting in the pic of kelsey with his PYT! whitney looks adorable in those pics, that linear stud looks great on her
  6. Here's another semi-sighting - the lady near Cheryl Hines has a Peach BF Clutch!

  7. Yes, it's the fling!

  8. I just saw this picture of Jessica with her Flame satchel again. She really loves this bag!!!
    Jessica Szohr in leopard.jpg
  9. I really like Jessica's cool, casual style. I have those red Loeffler Randall pumps! Really like her infinity leopard scarf, too!
  10. ^^Me too. She is really making me want a flame...I just wish they came with straps!
  11. I think the woven flames will have them this winter! :tup:

    And I have been stalking the flame for a bit, just saving up for one :sunnies
  12. ^^^Saw the woven flames this weekend and they are TDF in person!! My husband was with me and he indulges me by at least pretending that he cares when i get to see RMs in person (I try to do the same for him in guitar shops :p). I showed him the "Whitney Port" flame (can't remember the name but the stone one with the GM studs lined on the front) and he looked at the quilted flames and said, "this is the same style right?" When I said yes, he said, "Well, I think it looks really cool with the stitching and the screws on the front!" He, of course, was referring to the quilted one which I thought was funny.
  13. Where did you see the woven in person. So incredibly jealous! :greengrin:
  14. Oops, sorry, when I read woven I thought you were talking about the quilted. No woven sightings for me!

  15. wowwww great vision, cheryl!
    i didnt notice the bag 'til i read ur description :p