Celebrities with Bbags ***PICTURES ONLY***

  1. more of nicole
    applegreenNicole1.jpg applegreenNicole.jpg magentacitynicole1.jpg magentacitynicole2.jpg magentacitynicole3.jpg magentacitynicole.jpg pewterNicole.jpg pewternicoleclassique.jpg yellowclassiqueNicole.jpg
  2. sienna miller
    bsienna-18.jpg siennavoyage.jpg _redcitySienna.jpg
  3. the olsens
    _babyblueofficeMKA.jpg _blueOlsen.jpg greenmkolsenasmessenger.jpg
  4. nicky hilton
    __blacknikki.jpg _whiteclassiquenikki2.jpg _whiteclassiquenikki1.jpg _whiteclassiquenikki3.jpg blacknikki2.jpg blacknikkicity.jpg blacknikki3.jpg magentanikki.jpg pewterNicky.jpg seafoamnikki4.jpg
  5. 3 more of nicky;
    1 more of one of the olsens..
    2 of SJP;
    1 of kylie minogue
    1 more of sienna
    metalpinknikki.jpg seafoamnikki5.jpg yellowclassiquenikki.jpg pistachio.jpg _purpleclassiqueSJP.jpg caramelSJP.jpg _whiteKylie.jpg _redcitySiena1.jpg
  6. gwyneth
    1 of JLo
    1 of hilary duff
    gwyneth1.jpg gwyneth.jpg _lightbluevoyageJLo.jpg _lilacvoyage.jpg yellowclassiqueLindsay.jpg lilac04city1.jpg _lilacmed.jpg _lilacllohan.jpg
  7. kirsten dunst, and her friend liat
    bkirsten-blacksmall2.jpg bkirsten-blacksmall3.jpg kirstenblackliatred.jpg kirstenblackliatpistachio.jpg kirsten.jpg kirstendunst.jpg liat.jpg liat05.jpg
  8. some misc celebs, dunno who they are :lol: like their bags tho!

    okay that's the last of the pics i have..

    i haven't credited any of these cos i collected them before i knew i needed to.. but they're all media shots..
    seafoamvoyage.jpg bluered.jpg eggplanttwiggy.JPG dolmawork.jpg
  9. Kristen Dunst's Friend Liat with a Balenciaga
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  10. here's some more of yes, Nicole.

    1. She's DOUBLING UP on the bbags!
    2. Love this pic of her...
    3. Icy pale blue...I dont think we've seen this one on the thread yet.
    sw4e53.jpg v4az5h.jpg v4zf4y.jpg
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Nicole on Mother's Day
  13. Nikki has one too

  14. Alexis Bledel with a mini :biggrin:
    110lo2f.jpg 110lnus.jpg