Celebrities with Bbags ***COMMENTS***

  1. Has Brenda Song's friend, with the mini pom got her long strap adjusted or is that how it normally comes? With a slider to change length?
  2. Danielle Lloyd's bag looks fake, or is it just me?
  3. Just had a closer look, it's got the seam down the front like a part time but looks like the shape and size of a city. Think you're right there! Why would a celeb with all that money buy a fake bag??
  4. Aaargh I thought this too. I had to zoom in on it cos I noticed the seam but the strap isn't attached so it's harder to tell.
  5. The more I look the more I think it's fake, it's got that 'plasticky' look about it too. Wonder if she knows lol! I might tweet her and ask :graucho:
  6. ^wow she looks great!

    steph and bobobob
    Thank you both for the new photos!
    It's awesome seeing these celebs rocking their well-loved Bals.:biggrin:
  7. I'm not sure if it's got a seam down front or maybe that's just a crease? It only seems to be present below the front overlay unlike in a genuine PT where it goes the whole length...also too small to be a PT...
    And if this is a City with the strap removed, where are the bunny ears?:graucho:

    Also can't remember this color and G21hw combo. Maybe an expert can chime in?
  8. The bunny ears could be easily tucked in. But the front panel doesn't have that specific v shape/point that auth Bals have. It could just be the angle. Though at first glance I thought the colour was Galet with SGH.
  9. That is also what bothers me, the shape of the front panel looks weird. It's too wide on the sides, and doesn't have the v shape at the bottom.
  10. Does anyone know the years of Sarah Michelle Gellar's and Nicole Richie's black cities?

    Thanks! :smile:
  11. Nicole Richie black city is a 2005.
  12. It's her black hobo from 2002 (flat brass hardware), totally gorgeous !! we can still find some pre owned ones from time to time :smile:
  13. yes ! love her bag too.. :smile:
  14. What model bal is it Bar Refaeli is carrying? Thnx
  15. Its a town with giant hardware!