Celebrities with Bbags ***COMMENTS***

  1. Please post comments here
  2. Thank you for opening this thread, Addy!
  3. I'm not a fan of LeAnn Rimes' style, but I love her Bal wedges!!
  4. Yaay! There have been so many times that I have wanted to comment on a celeb's bal and haven't been able to. Thanks for opening this!
  5. i am not a fan of kim kardashian..but love her papyrus velo!!
  6. Same here, and I got so tired of it that I asked Addy to open up a thread!
  7. I don't like her style either, but I love Kortney's style (and her black GGH City:graucho:)
  8. Nice work! :ghi5:
  9. Yes, Thank you for this thread! I always want to ask "Who is that?" when only initials are used over the photo and sometimes no names at all! I am so out of it- I don't keep up very well with who's who in the celebrity world but I still really enjoy the photos. Now I will have a place to ask "Who is it?"
  10. Thanks for this thread!!

    Is it just me or does Courtney Cox look really strange....too much botox or something else maybe?? Love her jacket tho!
  11. ITA! She looks like she has had some major PS done. I guess that's the trend in Hollywood these days! :lol:
  12. Most of the celebs on here have had some sort of "work" done, its a sign of the times. And I have considered having little things done (simple, no surgery-when you hit 40 and live in CA, something must trigger inside the brain that makes little procedures not seem like such a bad idea......at least with me it happened)

    But Courtney looks....off. Like too much "work" was done. She looks like stone face.
  13. me neither... ;)

  14. I think CC uses the same PS as Madonna - there is similar work there beyond a doubt.
  15. Don't get me started on Madonna, she just looks scary these days...