Celebrities Who won't Get Married !

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    Oprah and her man Stedman Graham have been together for 20 years but she has no plans in walking down the aisle soon. Even though the talk show host doesn't see the point in marrying her partner, she insists Stedman did ask. The twosome were engaged at one point, but called off the wedding.
    The 52-year-old chat show host, who may be a mentor to married housewives everywhere, admits: "A piece of paper does not define a life. I always knew that was not the answer for me."
    "Stedman and I have a great relationship that allows me to be me in the fullest sense, with no expectations of wifedom and all that would mean."
    "I do believe that had we gotten married, we would not be together today. The traditional role of marriage would not work in this relationship."
    [​IMG]George Clooney
    In 1989 the "Syriana" star and Talia Balsam got married. But the two divorced four years later. The unsuccessful marriage likely left Clooney with trauma since, after the divorce, Clooney once said that he would never get married again nor have any children.
    Interestingly, Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman bet him $10,000 that he'd break this vow by the age of 40. On his 40th birthday, they sent him a check. He'd return the money with a note saying "Double or nothing on my 50th."
    In fact, Clooney has never been getting married again, but has been linked to some of the world's most glamorous women including, among others, Naomi Campbell (dated - 1995), Brooke Langton (dated - 1999), Julia Roberts (reportedly dated - 2001), Renee Zellweger (actress, dated 2001), and Krista Allen (2002 - 2004).
    [​IMG]Charlize Theron
    The Oscar-winning actress has been dating "Night Stalker" Irish star Stuart Townsend for almost five years but she has no intention of walking down the aisle, even though she would like to start a family.
    She says, "I'm happy for people who want to get married but it's not my thing. I'm extremely happy in my relationship and I would love to have kids."
    The longtime couple are tired of being asked about their marriage plans. Well to keep the press at bay, the "Sweet November" actress once told US news show Extra, "We came up with a new idea that we said that we would get married the day that gays and lesbians can get married (in the US) - when that right is given to them."
    [​IMG]Johnny Depp

    Depp and his companion, French actress-singer Vanessa Paradis, have been together for eight years and have two kids: Lily-Rose (7) and Jack (4).
    Recently, the "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" actor has admitted that he doesn't want to walk down the aisle with his long-term companion claiming that they are already efficiently "husband and wife."
    He explained: "The thing is, if you are together and you love each other and are good to each other, make babies and all that, for all intents and purposes you are married."
    A source close to Johnny once said that the pair are so madly in love and therefore they worry that marriage might ruin their happy life.
    [​IMG]Halle Berry
    After two failed marriages - to baseball player David Justice and musician Eric Benet - the "X-men" actress has sworn off getting married again, claiming that "men are more interested in my body than my brains."
    As of 2006, she is currently dating Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, whom she met at a Versace photoshoot.
    Julie Chen on The Early Show reminded Berry that she once said she would not get married again. Then, Berry rejoined "That's true. No gray in that area. No, no!"
    She once also told Oprah, "I will never marry again. I mean it with every bone in my body."
    [​IMG]Howard Stern
    In October of 1999, Stern announced that his wife Alison was divorcing him, due to the fact that he is a workaholic. Since early 2000, Stern has been dating model Beth Ostrosky, who is 19 years his junior.

    During the May 15 newscast portion of his Sirius radio show, Howard Stern said "I'm never getting married unless gays can get married."
    Besides, the "King of Media" told Sean Hannity, the "Hannity & Colmes" co-host, "I don't think we're going to get married. We talk about it all the time. Neither one of us feels like, if we got married, we understand how that would enhance the relationship. We think we're in pretty good shape. I was married for twenty-something years. I wasn't, you know, great at it." ​

    There are also other celebrities who won't get hitched.
    • Angelina Jolie
      The "Tomb Raider" actress once reportedly told "Sin City" director Robert Rodriguez: "We will never marry. Brad is going through a divorce and I've been divorced twice, so it's not something we're considering."
    • Susan Sarandon
      Susan Sarandon has been living together with actor-writer-director Tim Robbins for about 18 years. They have two kids and no marriage plans. Sarandon told Ladies' Home Journal. "I want them [her kids] to understand that the commitment has nothing to do with the institution. Parents get divorced all the time. The guarantee doesn't come from marriage; it comes from other things. It's harder to take each other for granted when you are not married."
    • Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
      The Hollywood veterans have been together since 1982. "I call Kurt my husband and he calls me his wife. But I don't think I feel the need to make it official. I don't like fusion. I think it is dangerous - you lose your personal power."
      Kurt once said this (on why he won't marry Hawn): "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
    Anyway, it is commonly known that time always changes, so d​
  2. I just can't agree with people living together and not getting married. Not even with Oprah and I really do like Oprah.

    Its just not cool though. And its equally sickening seeing all these celebrities having babies without being married. If they all use the excuse that marriage is just a piece of paper, then why not go ahead and just get that piece of paper?
  3. MArriage doesn't work for everyone. I applaud the fact that they have realized this and decided to live their life on their own terms rather than society's. With the amount of couples in miserable and loveless marriages...who could blame them?

    BTW I'll marry you anytime Mr. Clooney. ;)
  4. I'm a happily married gal, but it's not for everyone, and it's a personal choice, what's right for you and your significant other. With high % of marriages that end in divorce, who really cares. It doesn't offend me and I don't see anything wrong w/ people living together in a loving relationship and raising a family. Afterall, it's 2006!!!! I like the fact that women have the option to live their lives and have families the way that's right for them.
  5. I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I'm committed to my boyfriend!! That's not to say I won't want to get married eventually but I don't think there's anything wrong with not getting married.
  6. I was always one that never wanted to get married. My father is already in the process of getting his 3rd divorce!! But when I met my husband and realized how much it meant him (and by that time to me as well) we tied the knot.

    However, I really support people who decide not to go through with marriage. They are correct. There are certain expectations (from both ends) that come with signing that sheet of paper. Sometimes couples are simply better off the way they are.
  7. I'm not trying to be uppity or anything but would you mind explaning why people cohabiting without being married is "uncool"? Is it a religious thing or a personal thing? Judging by your sig, I'm guessing it's the former.

    I've never really understood why some people are so against cohabiting and procreating without being married, when marriage is simply a contract and a promise. It baffles me. :shrugs:

    PS It may be best if you reply by PM so we don't get a religious debate started.
  8. I always hear people talking about divorce and that is used as an excuse not to get married. Its ridiculous to think that just having a piece of paper increases the likelihood of divorce really. And essentially that is what comes through in the discussion.
    If people are getting divorced numerous times, that doesn't mean there is something wrong with marriage. It means there is something wrong with THAT particular relationship. And perhaps the people involved did not make mature choices in picking their partners.

    Its like people immediately get antsy as soon as the piece of paper is involved. If you can live so well, harmoniously without it, why does adding it cause things to go awry?

  9. HAHA what? What century do you live in? Marriage isn't for everyone. It's not sickening nor is it wrong to not be married. It's a personal choice.
  10. But on the other hand, if they can live so well and harmoniously without it, then why should they add it?

    My parents have been together common-law for 40 years. They are just as committed to each other today as if they had gone through a legal ceremony 40 years ago. Why should the status of their relationship be anyone's business? They were just as capable of raising a happy, healthy child without that piece of paper as they would have been with it.

    I can see that if they were part of a particular church, they might feel the need to follow that church or religion's norms. However, neither of them practice a religion.

    To me, there are two separate institutions of marriage: 1) that dictated by a church or religion and 2) that which involves a legal contract between two people. In the case of 1, then the definition and rules of that institution will differ greatly from one church/religion to the next and therefore can't be applied to all people. In the case of 2, it simply states in a more straightforward way something that (in most places) is already part of common-law.

    And, one more point - any two boneheads can go out and get a marriage license and get married, but it takes two strong committed people to build a long-term relationship. Are, say Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock a more stable couple with a "better" relationship because they're now married than, say Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, who've been together for almost two decades and managed to raise seemingly happy, well-adjusted children?

    (Sorry this was so long - it's just something I feel really strongly about :shame: . Oh, and I'm happily married myself, go figure!)
  11. This issue is personal. At the end of the day, it's up to you whether you want to get married or not. What is the most important thing is, whether you're married or not, is happiness, commitment and respect for each other.
  12. i understand their thoughts though.
    i mean they're RICH RICH... it's hard if you involved in marriage with all the prenup and stuffs...
  13. Yes this is personal choice so anyone arguing about this in here makes no sense. Some people are more conservative because of religion or upbringing hence they beleive in a more conservative marriage etc.

    Questioning the times or the person's beliefs may just cause drama... so let's all be understanding.
  14. Its not about arguing. Its about being free to express an opinion and ask people why they feel the way they do.

    Anyway, again, it seems no one can adequately explain why you can't simply get that piece of paper. That's great that your parents can live so well together for 40 years. Honestly, I would not understand why they would not get married in a situation like that. And its not about getting that piece of paper to placate the world. Its about respect and REAL commitment.
  15. No offense nathansgirl but (as you know) marriage does not always equate to respect and real commitment.