Celebrities who look bad on high definition TV

  1. Swanni's 2006 'Best & Worst' HDTV List!

    I don't have a high definition TV, so has anyone who has got one seen these people and agree with what this writer is saying?

    I'm sure glad not to be a celebrity and have every wrinkle or pimple pointed out to the public. Some of these names surprised me, some not.

    Here are celebrities who he says look good:

    Swanni's 2006 'HDTV Honeys'

    Here is a list of people of oldies but goodies who still look good on high definition TV:

    Swanni's HDTV 'Oldies But Goodies'

  2. I don't have high definition TV either, but I'd say Swanni's choices are just about right!
  3. Yeah I agree with him. It's unfortunate but it really does show EVERYTHING. I swear I even see fine lines when people have close-ups!! LOL
  4. i agree as well. especially rosie o donnell and madonna

    oh however, i dont think eva longoria looks good in HD.
  5. I don't have HD yet, but I disagree about Arnold Schwarzenegger looking good. I think his face is beginning to look too tight (a la Frank Gifford).

    No criticism from me regarding any of the people he named, tho. I'd sure hate to have my skin magnified and highlighted!
  6. Hmm... for the most part, I agree with the statements, but I also think "Gee, let's cut the 40 and older crowd a break!" The only person that was older that was liked was Martha Stewart. Ok... then I zoomed to Oldies but Goodies.... I'd hate to be in my 40's and someone zooming in on my flaws. So much for aging gracefully. ;)
  7. they could have added Sharon stone to the list
  8. ^^^ acutally, wha I meant to say is that Sharon Stone would look good on HDTV, i'd imagine

    On second thoughts, when HDTV becomes the norm do you think Michael Jackson and cher will ever venture in front of a camera again??

  9. Good question!:yes:

    I take some comfort in knowing that the stars have visible beauty flaws. Not to be mean, but it helps me put my imperfections in perspective.
  10. This is one of the many reasons why I'm glad I'm not a celeb! Talk about pressure to look good!
  11. I have HDTV and Terri Hatcher and the other DH lady with (the one w/the family) look HORRIBLE!!!

  12. lol oh my! i would hope not.. imagine the horror! :upsidedown: