Celebrities wearing LOUBOUTINS sticky thread?

  1. Can we have a Celebrities wearing LOUBOUTINS sticky thread just like all the other designer forums?
  2. omg that board would fill up so quickly, since everyone and their mother are wearing CL! but it's a nice idea
  3. We have a thread like that, but it's not a sticky yet.
  4. ^^Beg the mods - LOL! Mods, can the celebrity thread be a sticky?
  5. Yeah Mods, every bonafide forum has a "Celebrities and their _______" thread. ;) Pretty please.
  6. done! :biggrin:
  7. Swanky, you are the best!!!!

    Yeah, another hooray for CL subforum!!!
  8. :winkiss:

  9. Yay! Thanks Swanky!
  10. THANKS Swanky! :flowers: