Celebrities wearing L.A.M.B.

  1. ^ Isn't that the Hopewell ? I thought Watchwell was the one with the chain on the handle, no?
  2. Why oh why did I click on those pics?! Now I have to have a Hopewell.

    must resist
    must resist
    must resist
  3. Yeah, my bad. I don't know why I always call it the Watchwell...they are nothing alike!
  4. Omg is she at disneyland!?!? That looks like one of the stores there! And i was just there!
  5. The hopewell looks so good on her..and it def looks like it will fit over the shoulder..
    Ok --maybe I have to take back what I said earlier about not getting a B&W CC ...I may have to consider this bag when the sale rolls around
  6. Oh wow, the Hopewell looks so great on Gwen. I didn't really like the B&W Checkboard until I saw those pictures. I've added this one to my wishlist, I hope it's still around for sale time.
  7. OK -What the HECK ! the hopewell is sold out in the B&W check..!!!!
  8. ^^And that was the one b&w style that i really wanted! Booooo!!
  9. I know ! Esp.now that I see that it's a shoulder bag !!! boo...I'm sad...I hope they get more in. Gotta go check my Nordies now and see if the stores have them. i may not be able to wait for the sale on this one :smile:
  10. wetold yall it was hot...we see gwen in the pics and that does it! seals the deal.
  11. Don't give up. Shopbop just got the green Hopewell. Maybe they'll get the BW soon. Or maybe Nordies is having computer errors of stock again. I think there are still some out there.
  12. ^ I definitely think they just are having computer problems. I find it reallllly hard to believe they sold out of that bag.
  13. Plus the stores can ship one..its not gone..trust! its too new.
  14. Mena Suvari