CELEBRITIES using FAKE bags :(

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  1. Ok, I don't know if anyone else has noticed but there are a few celebirties that own fakes! Nickey hilton for example. :blink: why would they do this!!!!! who else have you seen with fakes? I will try and find the pic again. Yes she owns some authentic too.
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  2. Paris Hilton, Anna KornaKova lol I cant spell her name! the worst is celebrities ( I dont know their names because I have never seen them before, ever!) but celebrities at LV parties with fakes!
  3. anna kournikova
  4. This woman/celebrity was invited to a LV cocktail party...

    look at the bag...

    talk about a slap in the face!

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  5. Ohhh .. lets post all the fakes on stars!!!
    I know there are quiet a few.. gotta dig em up!!!
  6. the Hilton sisters are guilty of this... but i wonder how much of it's intentional and knowing or if they just pick up a bag and assume it's real?
  7. [​IMG]

    Found it in one of the older threads and some thought it was fake!
  8. okay wow! I am trying to figure out the outfit. There is a whole lot going on...WOW!!
  9. I wonder why in the world would they sport fake bags since it's obvious they can afford the real thing . Do they consider that it's not woth it to spend that much on purses or what ? I would really like to know what their resons are , if any....
  10. Here is Victoria Beckham with the famous fake Graffiti!!!:shame: Vicky, what were you thinking?!:shocked:

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  11. I know for sure, that paris hilton once said in a tv show, that she is so rich, that she doesnt care whetever her papillon mc is a fake or not-they didnt want to SO one for her, so she bought a fake for 30 bucks in chinatown......very classy indeed!*hahaha*

    also, victoria beckhams was guilty of having several graffiti and mc fakes, as she was NOT an AAAA lv vip back then and couldnt get the bag anywhere else, so she bought it off ebay, thinking it was real, while it was a fake-she realized it while at a vip lv party in london!yes, the european media was all over that story for some time....

    that was pre ana ana victoria with her birkins and 1000000´s stylists.....my gosh she looked soooooo different to now

    anyway, she got the originals later....
  12. [​IMG]
    Sorry about the big picture.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. These are some ugly bags.