Celebrities-too posh to push?

  1. OK-I know a lot of people have C sections-and I know they are becoming more and more commonplace lately. I have many friends who have had them.

    But-why is it that almost every single time I see a celebrity give birth-it says she had a c-section? Could it be that they all always have complications or do you think some of these ladies are requesting a C for various reasons? It came to mind again today when I read that Angelina had her baby by C section (in her case-they are saying it was due to a breech presentation).
  2. I was just wondering that same thing too.
  3. I thought it's because they can schdule them, instead of waiting???? haha I dunno..
  4. Some people have them for convinence's sake, so they can deliver on schedule. I doubt that Angelina is that type, but I bet Brittany is. Who would want to risk a C-section in Africa of all places??
  5. I think that's why too. They can plan it in their schedule and then continue life. :lol:
  6. Did they use a local doctor or did they fly one of 'their own' in??
  7. I've delivered both ways and I would NEVER elect to have a c-section! The recovery for most peole is WAY worse, it's MAJOR surgery for pete's sake!
    Yes, the fear of a vaginal birth often causes a lot of women to request a c-sect.
  8. A lot of people do it for convienence- being able to schedule it and you can also avoid labor.
    I personally would never elect to have a major surgery like that just for "convenience." The recovery is HELL.
  9. Yes, I could see the scheduling thing-let's not let a little thing like going into labor disturb the life of a celeb :rolleyes:

    But, I also wonder if some of them have Cs to help preserve the tightness of a certain body part (this is coming from seeing ads in NY Magazine for vaginal tightening surgery, etc.)
  10. ummm, I can attest that that is a baaaad idea! LOL!
    That c-sect scar is NOTORIOUS for having a little friend w/ it - hence my TT! LOL!
    Most people get a lot of extra skin above the incision and nothing removes it except another surgery:sad:
  11. They flew in her doctor from L.A.'s Cedar-Senai. (sp?)
  12. They have C sections so they can have the baby early and avoid weight gain, stretch marks etc in the last few weeks.
  13. Same here! Just had my nasty "apron" removed, thank goodness!

    I had to unfortunately go through 19 hours of labor before they realized I could not deliver naturally. I had an emergency c-section and tons of issues with recovery. My incision came back open when I got home.:yucky: I finally healed properly when my son was around 4 months old. Not fun.

    What about women getting tummy tucks while having a c-section? I think I read that Toni Braxton had one because she was starring in a Broadway show less than a month after her delivery. I think this is just wrong!!!:shocked:
  14. I read an article years ago (cannot remember what publication) that celebrities and other women who chose to, get C-sections to keep their "womanly" parts in shape...:shame:
    Those of us who had vaginal births can understand...bladder dropping and the other unfortunate things that can happen to our bodies..:cry::rant: :cry:
  15. :blink: HUH?