Celebrities & their famous friends/family - PICS

  1. Jennifer Aniston has MILLIONS OF FAMOUS FRIENDS
    1Jenand a.Huston_1.jpg 1NEWANISTON0ea7bf4c.jpeg 1NEWANISTON1e0fa2b0.jpeg 1newaniston c8f6f3ef (2).jpeg 1newsfts911i.jpg
  2. Friends
    1newsfts911j.jpg 11.jpeg 2123jcnew1.jpeg 2123jcnew2.jpeg 2123jcnew3.jpeg
  3. Cameron & Christina Applegate
    Courteney & the Arquettes
    Jen & Clive Owen with our (Britain's) David Frost.
    Jen & good ole JayLo
    z Cameron & Christina JPEG.jpg wellness12COURTENEY&DAVIDJP.jpg wellness11COURTENEYDAVID&ROSANNAJP.jpg Walking new1105l.jpeg The Jay Leno Show 1111.jpg
  4. Jen & Cameron Diaz
    Jen Brad & the Danny DeVito clan
    Jen Brad & Georgio Armani
    Brad Jen & Cameron Diaz @ an event 01.jpeg Brad Jen & Cameron Diaz @ an event 02.jpeg A Marital Home ~ Next to Danny DeVito 01.jpg HOT Along Came Polly Premiere 00.jpg Brad Jen George Milan 09.jpg
  5. Brad Jen go to dinner with Sting & Trudie Styler - who by the way I think is strangely sexy looking??? Is she? or am I just wierd?

    Brad Jen & George Clooney in Milan for Georgio Armani runway show - just before Oceans 11 was made - Georgio made the suits for the movie.

    Demi Moore looking cute with Brad

    Demi Moore & Courteney Cox Arquette
    Brad Jen & Sting performance 05.jpg Brad Jen & Sting performance 06.jpg Brad Jen George Milan 00.jpg Demi Moore & Brad Pitt.jpg FM_2057413_Courtney_Polk.jpg
  6. Brad Pitt David Spade Courteney Cox & David Arquette

    Jennifer Aniston with Geroge Clooney - when Brad & Jen split I did wonder whether these two would have got it on.....there's still time :graucho:
    bradpittedavidspade89028qj.jpeg HOT bradpitt89020an.jpeg HOT bradpitt89020fl.jpeg HOT bradpitt89020fl (1).jpeg JENNIFER ANISTON three49la (4).jpeg
  7. Cameron & Justin walking in Runyon Canyon (Hollywood Hills) with Elisha Cuthbert & her boyfriend

    Cameron Selma & Christina Applegate - they made a movie called 'The Sweetest Thing' together - it was pretty good, I suppose you've all seen it anyway!

    Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini / Rimini - i never know how to spell it!
    Cameron & Justin walking in the Hollywood hills 02.jpg Cameron & Justin walking in the Hollywood hills 03.jpg Cameron, Selma & Christina for Marie Claire #1.jpg 1747-600x420.jpeg 1849-459x600.jpeg
  8. Liv Tyler with Hubby Royston Langdon and Dad Steven Tyler from Aerosmith

    Liv with Kate Hudson walking their kids - kate looks a bit put out that that guy isn't paying any attention to her - do you all agree? I love Kate, I really do, but she seems a tad green eyed monsterish here.

    Liv is a darling. :heart:
    Cand_2004_with-20006.jpeg Cand_2004_with-20019.jpeg Cand_Liva-4_Liva-210001.jpeg Cand_Liva-4_Liva-210002.jpeg Cand_Liva-4_Liva-210005.jpeg
  9. Lovely Liv & Her Famous Papa :wlae:
    Cand_Liva-4_Liva-550000.jpeg Cand_Liva-4_Liva-550001.jpeg Cand_Liva-4_Liva-550003.jpeg Cand_Liva-4_Liva-550004.jpeg Cand_Liva-4_Liva-550010.jpeg
  10. Thanks for the pics.
  11. Thanks Uberdumb!!!!!!

    Liv Tyler with the guy from red hot chilli peppers (?) & her pop.

    Liv Tyler with Kate Moss :graucho:
    Cand_Liva-5_Back0001.jpeg Cand_Liva-5_Liva0000.jpeg Cand_Liva-5_Liva0003.jpeg Cand_Liva-5_Liva0004.jpeg Cand_Liva-5_Livw-30001.jpeg
  12. Justin Timberlake & Tara Reid
    jtara9JP.jpg jtara10JP.jpg Justin Timberlake & Tara Reid.jpg Justin Timberlake & Tara Reid (1).jpg Justin Timberlake & Tara Reid (2).jpg
  13. Lindsay Lohan & Rumour Willis

    Lindsay Lohan & Kate Moss

    Kate Moss & Jack Osbourne

    Kate Moss Christie Turlington & Linda Evangelista

    Kate Moss & Chrissie Hynde
    HOT LINDSAYLOHANs11 (8).jpg LyndsayLohan 141.jpeg normal_jack1.jpeg kate_moss-0960.jpeg KateMoss moss24aJP.jpg
  14. Sarah Jessica Parker & Claire Danes

    Anna Kournikova & Andre Aggassi
    SJPclairesarahfash1JPEG.jpg SJPclairesarahfash12JPEG.jpg SJPclairesarahfash14JOPEG.jpg SJPclairesarahfashJPEG.jpg Anna Kournikova plays tennis with Andre Agassi (2).jpg
  15. Julia Stiles with Vanessa Carlton
    Kate Winslett with Sandra Bullock
    Beautiful, beautiful Princess Charlotte of Monaco with Elle McPherson
    Julia Stiles (1).jpg KATEWINSLETT&bullock-starbucks5 (2).jpeg KATEWINSLETT&bullock-starbucks5 (1).jpeg KATEWINSLETT&bullock-starbucks5.jpeg HOT Princess Charlotte of Monaco (10).jpeg