Celebrities @ The Super Bowl: Katie. Tom, J.Lo etc....

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  3. Super Bowl weekend is about much more than the game itself. Celebrities come out in full force for the parties and events that guarantee a good time, and Miami is the perfect hot spot for these football fans.

    Fergie and Brooke Hogan, looking like the streetwalkers they are, were all smiles as they posed backstage during Maxim's Pre-Super Bowl XLI Party at the Sagamore Hotel.

    Alongside the Fergmiester, Kanye West and John Legend also performed at the evening concert.

    Meanwhile, Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy hosted the Chakra Asian Cuisine and Lounge party nearby.

    Rumour even has it that Scarlett Johansson will also be in town for the big game, where of course everyone is talking about Prince performing at the halftime show!
  4. wow i love those yellow tops!

  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Brooke really looks like a tranny!!! :push:

    I love the yellow tops too!!! :love:
  6. I LOVE Jenny's new bob.. She looks hot!
  7. Love Carmen's dress..
  8. Jenny's hair-cut is really cute!

    Good Lord! Exactly how tall is Brooke Hogan?!? Or maybe I should be asking exactly how SHORT is Fergie?!? LOL!

    Maria is adorable but the dress has GOT to go. I can almost see her bikini wax.
  9. Agreed about the yellow tops...Fergie looks like a midget beside Brooke.
  10. I don't think Brooke Hogan looks like a streetwalker! I think she looks nice!

    Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra look good, too!

    Who is that in the red dress? She looks hot!
  12. Lol :p Yeah, Brooke looks like a giant.

  13. She does look great with that cut!!
  15. I didn't even know that was Brooke. LOL