Celebrities @ Teen Choice Awards

  1. Jessica Alba arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.
    jessica-alba-teen-choice-awards-2007-01.jpg jessica-alba-teen-choice-awards-2007-02.jpg jessica-alba-teen-choice-awards-2007-03.jpg jessica-alba-teen-choice-awards-2007-05.jpg jessica-alba-teen-choice-awards-2007-08.jpg
  2. Avril Lavigne arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.

    Hilary Duff arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards which is televised annually on FOX.
    Nick Cannon and Hilary Duff were hosting the awards this year.
    avril-lavigne-teen-choice-awards-2007-01.jpg avril-lavigne-teen-choice-awards-2007-02.jpg hilary-duff-teen-choice-awards-2007-01.jpg hilary-duff-teen-choice-awards-2007-02.jpg
  3. Emmy Rossum arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.

    Kelly Clarkson arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.
    emmy-rossum-teen-choice-awards-2007-02.jpg emmy-rossum-teen-choice-awards-2007-04.jpg kelly-clarkson-teen-choice-awards-2007-01.jpg kelly-clarkson-teen-choice-awards-2007-02.jpg
  4. Megan Fox

    Lauren Conrad (in her own design) arrives at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards.
    megan-fox-teen-choice-awards-2007-01.jpg megan-fox-teen-choice-awards-2007-02.jpg lauren-conrad-teen-choice-awards-2007-01.jpg lauren-conrad-teen-choice-awards-2007-02.jpg
  5. ^Wow, LC's dress looks fab on her! I can't believe she designed it. I personally can't pull off those bubble type hems, but she looks great!
  6. Thanks for the images !!
    Who is Megan Fox ?she´s stunning !
    Avril Lavigne doesn´t believe in her own punk style, and too much make up.
    LC´s eyebrows ?????
  7. Really nice pics
  8. not really like Jessica Alba's yellow dress...and yep LC's dress is the best in the show.
  9. yeah, i agree about not being crazy for alba's yellow number. idk... first of all, i can't believe i'm admitting i watched:graucho: but anyway, i was pretty surprised that most people didn't dress a little more fun and crazy... that's what cheesy awards shows like this are all about! everyone played it pretty safe:nogood:
  10. Thanks for the sharing !!Great pics!
  11. Hillary Duff looked amazing.
  12. 1. LC's dress was cute. If she has pieces like this in her line, I may have to buy a few!

    2. Megan Fox's face is just gorgeous.

    3. Jessica Alba look great (as usual) but I think she may have lost a tad bit too much weight.
  13. Wow, thats LC's own design!?!? I cant wait until she has a line out then!!!
  14. Jessica Alba looks great!! Then again, when does she NOT???
  15. Vanessa Anne Hudgens at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards

    Zac Efron at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards
    vanessahudgenteenchoice.jpg vanessahudgenteenchoice2.jpg vanessahudgenteenchoice3.jpg zacefronteenchoice.jpg zacefronteenchoice2.jpg